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PragerU’s new vid explains science-based doubts about evolution


Steve Meyer explains:

On Monday, PragerU released a video giving two solid scientific reasons to doubt the Darwinian theory of evolution. In the video, Stephen C. Meyer, who earned a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science and who serves as a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, lays out two key flaws in the evolutionary theory that is often taught as gospel truth in may high schools and colleges.

Meyer begins the video by quoting evolutionary biologist and New Atheist Richard Dawkins, who claimed that anyone who does not believe in evolution is either “ignorant, stupid, or insane.” By that criteria, many in the scientific community are losing their sanity…

“In November 2016, I attended a conference in London attended by some of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists. The purpose? To address growing doubts about the modern version of Darwin’s theory,” Meyer recalls in the video. These scientists do not reject the general idea of evolution, but they admitted that the current theory based on Darwin is falling apart. Tyler O’Neil, “New PragerU Video Shows 2 Scientific Reasons to Doubt Evolution” at PJ Media

Meyer is, of course, talking about the Royal Society’s big evolution meet that year, where many prominent specialists talked openly about the challgens to classical Darwinism.

Slowly, fewer thinkers want to go to the mat for Darwin’s theory. It’s becoming okay to discuss that.

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