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Readers, thinkers: Wake up and figure out what time it is

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For example: When universities no longer want you to know controversial ideas, you have a problem:

— In the continuing uproar, of course, The Economist tries to come down on both sides at once, on all four feet. The arguments, we are told, are “complex and debatable.” Also that “many trans activists think that any disagreement is tantamount to hate speech and try to suppress it.Perhaps The Economist might wish to consider whether reality matters. If reality matters, the right to talk about it freely is not so hard a road to walk as many must suppose.

— Fighting back against Cancel Culture with Douglas Murray: “All ages have their orthodoxies. And if writers, artists, thinkers and comedians do not occasionally tread on them, then they are not doing their jobs. Meanwhile human nature remains what it is. And just as some children will always pull the wings off flies and fry small ants with their toy magnifying glasses, so a certain number of adult inadequates will find meaning in their lives by sniffing around the seats in the public square until they find an aroma they can claim offends them.”

We may need to start asking ourselves some hard questions. Do educational institutions we support sponsor crackdowns on independent thinking? It may be time to find out.


— Why did the publishing industry go to war against books? Readers need to know how things have changed.

“For various reasons, traditional publishers today are trying to dump controversial books instead of profiting from their sale. The publisher’s great cry against the government, has always been, since the printing press was invented, that people wanted to read those books. Whether it was the Bible or something decidedly unbiblical. That was one of the ways freedom of thought got started.

“But today, many publishers not only meekly submit to whatever bureaucrats and lobbyists want but bally-hoo in favor of it, without reserve. Journalist Rod Dreher spells that out, writing on behalf of another threatened book, Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage… ”

BR, those would be instantly abused. Recall, "misinformation." KF kairosfocus
A simple solution from Congress would be the creation of truth in news reporting laws. If someone claims to be reporting the news, rather than editorial, they should be held legally responsible if they report a false story. What's happening today is nothing new and should have been handled through Congress well over a century ago. Without a willing press, Trail of Tears, one of the first actions taken by the first Democrat president after the parties split, could never have happened. If people are led to believe something through the news, certain consequences are going to happen. BobRyan
News@4 it's important to remember that even the most independent news sources have their own personal biases (as do we all) and you still have to treat them with a strong degree of skepticism. Even if they have no monetary ties there's still power, recognition,. Ego etc es58
Polistra @5, It's my understanding that a significant portions of the income for news publishers come from advertising. This means that all they need to do is to maintain a large audience for big business advertising. It might come as a shock to some that big business actually hates the competition that comes with capitalism. They would much rather work with government agencies for cozy semi-monopolies in order to reduce competition and the risk of innovation. As a result, they happily advertise in the media to fund their message of government-business alliances. And when I refer to government, I mean government bureaucracies, not those politicians who act as their sales people. In my opinion, everything else is theater. -Q Querius
Publishers need resources to keep going. They need capital, buildings, lawyers to defend copyrights, paper, ink, etc. When all of those resources are conditioned on avoiding certain topics or opinions, the publisher has to choose between survival and closure. Surviving is better because censorship is faddish. Taboos change fast. Avoiding this month's taboo might make it possible to publish the same opinion next year. polistra
Querius at 2 is likely right. The big fight now is the right to know independent news. Current American mass news media would be quite happy with the Chinese Communist Party's understanding of news. Secure your right to know what is really happening. News
When describing the University of Virginia: Here, We are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it. Thomas Jefferson, es58
The reactions of the American people are both largely unknown and irrelevant in fact for the following reasons: 1. The media smothers all non-conformist expression that that doesn't support the U.S. Cultural Revolution in progress. Any individual who gets in the way of the Cultural Revolution must be completely destroyed by any means. 2. The Judicial branch of the Red Guards have been extremely helpful in many cases, but there are still too many judges left that need to be expelled because their perspectives are confused by non-Marxist ideals. 3. All important organizations and institutions, including academia have been successfully infiltrated, and the tireless advanced guard has been successful for many years in expelling anyone in a leadership position that's not a True Believer in Marxism. 4. An online mob of self-righteous prigs achieve perfect absolution, complete spiritual cleansing and unlimited indulgences simply by spewing out boundless hatred, lies, and violence on designated targets. For them, there is no sacrifice--made by others, of course--that's too much for the cause of Cosmic Justice, Victimhood, and Permanent Reparations. And even when the last capitalistic gas station has been put out of business, and Americans live in squalor using paper money as kindling to heat the garbage they eat to stave off starvation for another day, the karmic wealth generated as a result will be unimaginably MASSIVE! 5. Many American politicians can now breathe a sigh of relief that voters no longer matter after their organizations gained control of the vote counting process in all key locations. As a result, their scandals are suppressed and they receive generous donations to their campaigns and spouses' foundations. And they can continue lying to the American people how much better off they are (see #1). 6. The powers in charge encourage and enable 1 through 5, having been assured by the CCP that once the mission is accomplished, they can be quietly exterminated. And the energy expended in pretending to actually care about minorities, the environment, workers, and children can finally be dropped. Then, at some point in the future, the powers in charge will need to cut back on excess participants and debt to individuals who were instrumental in putting the Party in power. The purges will then commence. And even if the American economy collapses, they can always claim that this was (once again) not TRUE socialism. And they can decide which country they will devour next. -Q Querius
Indeed, a very big problem. The world is watching to see how Americans react to the erosion of their once cherished freedoms. So far the reaction has been quite tepid. Not a good sign. Truth Will Set You Free

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