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Babylon Bee: Bill Nye To Dress Up As Real Scientist For Halloween


Bill MFS thumbnail From the Babylon Bee:

ENCINO, CA—Speaking to reporters Tuesday, television personality Bill Nye announced his plans to spend the evening of Halloween roaming his upscale Los Angeles neighborhood dressed as an actual scientist.

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“I’ve always wanted to be a real scientist, and I have the perfect costume,” said Nye, best known for playing the title role on the 1990’s Saturday morning children’s program Bill Nye The Science Guy. “I already have a lab coat and bow tie that make me look super science-y.”

“I’ll have to be careful what I say that night,” he added. “My costume is so convincing, people might believe that my personal opinions about a multitude of topics are actual scientific facts.” More.

Sure. When Onions sing and dance …

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These vids certainly show a different side to Bill Nye…

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He's been trying to scare the sh** out of kids with a graph that has a squiggly line that goes up on the end. It's Halloween everyday for that fraud. No candy though. Andrew asauber
And even if Bill Nye doesn't dress up as a real scientist for Halloween, he can still scare the s..t out of kids with the Dracula look of his... lol J-Mac

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