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Researchers: Warm weather made cannibals of Neanderthals

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A group of six butchered corpses from 120,000 years ago in what is now the south of France (and cannibalized corpses from other areas) are said to “coincide with climate change.” But what’s the connection?

During the warmer period when the Neanderthals lived, the area was devoid of large mammals, instead inhabited by rodents and tortoises and snakes that migrated up from the Mediterranean. …

Open grasslands gave way to temperate forests and the Neanderthals, accustomed to hunting large prey such as bison and mammoth, apparently struggled with this rapid change. Analysis of tooth enamel from the Baume Moula-Guercy remains revealed stress lines typical of periods of stress, such as illness or malnutrition.Dyani Lewis, “Warm weather pushed Neanderthals into cannibalism” at Cosmos Magazine

The researchers see it as a desperate measure. They don’t (and, of course, shouldn’t) rule out ritual cannibalism, which could also be a response to stress (= if we eat this person, we will absorb his ability to spot big game). Slowly the picture comes in and we are still looking for that subhuman Darwin promised us.

Paper. (paywall)

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An earlier story about Neanderthal cannibalism (a great view of the cave dwellings)

“coincide with climate change.” For you obsolete old-fashioned science thinkers: There is NOTHING that couldn't coincide with climate change. Even climate stasis could, the way the climate change hypothesis is currently presented. Andrew asauber
Note that ritual cannibalism was practiced by any number of peoples accepted as "fully modern" homo sapiens. When they were encountered by European explorers, they said that they were preserving the SPIRITS of the tribe. So you ate Aunt Lucy because she was kin, not because there wasn't any other meat available. vmahuna

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