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Richard Weikart: Scientists “should not be immune from critique”


It looks as though the thesis of Darwinian Racism is getting a broader audience:

Left-leaning scholars readily cite critical race theory and are quick to spot racism almost anywhere, yet few acknowledge the deep historical roots of scientific racism.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Darwinism fueled discrimination, eugenics movements, and even a “human zoo” filled with indigenous people who scientists claimed were the missing link between men and monkeys.

As Professor Richard Weikart details in his latest book, “Darwinian Racism: How Darwinism Influenced Hitler, Nazism, and White Nationalism,” it also shaped Nazi ideology—providing a justification for their worst atrocities.

Katelynne Richardson, “Scientists ‘should not be immune from critique’: Professor details ‘Darwinian racism’ and its link to Nazism” at The College Fix (February 26, 2022)

As Richard Weikart points out, scientific racism was a far bigger deal, in practice, than religious racism because so many people in power wanted to be seen as “pro-science.”

Trouble is, we can’t fight what we won’t acknowledge.

You may also wish to read: Richard Weikart: Scientific racism is more virulent than religious racism. Those doing battle against the religious roots of racism do often uncover vestiges of racism and this can be helpful. However, sometimes they seem to be letting the most flagrant proponents of racism off the hook. Could it be that they are uncomfortable recognizing that most white nationalists today are thoroughly secular and are inspired by Darwinism and science, rather than religion?

Darwin's work is inherently racist, since he could not separate himself from his work. He did believe he was superior to everyone else due to being both white and male. He did believe survival of the fittest did include humans, since humans and animals were indistinct to him. He also believed that just by being born a certain race meant one was privileged or savage. His first book led to Stalin and second to Hitler through eugenics. Both surival and eugenics resulted in tremendous suffering of people wherever it raised its ugly head. CRT is nothing more than rebranded eugenics. White people, since it seems to me those pushing hardest for it are white, tell black and brown people they are victims to whites, since they believe themselves to be naturally superior. Funny how there is no mention of Asians in that grouping, since those same people who claim to be on the side of minorities has been doing every they can to limit access to Asians. CRT is the whole notion of telling black and brown children they will never succeed. The mindset is no different that the obstacles faced by black pilots who trained in Tuskegee or Madam CJ Walker, or any other notable people who were not white. BobRyan

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