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Sabine Hossenfelder asks, “Is dark matter real?”

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This is part of a physics seminar series called “Golden Webinars” for which we can’t seem to find transcripts. Sorry about that.

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It's about time someone asks this question!! The thing is that we can never prove that it does not exist because you can't prove a negative. So that means that if they want to, they can keep on searching for all of eternity without admitting they were wrong or without falsifying their hypotheses, but it's nice to see someone who has the courage to raise this question! They were so certain dark matter existed for so long and spent billions of dollars to try and find it, but perhaps they were looking for something that does not even exist. Kind of reminds me of Materialists who spend their whole lives looking for answers that don't exist - like how life evolved from non-living chemicals. tjguy

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