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And now — the four-dimensional genome

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And many other things genetic. The presenters provide revealing information about how our understanding of genetics has changed in the last seven decades. Very easy to follow:

The human genome is much more complex than anyone imagined. In fact, the level of complexity argues directly against any sort of evolutionary origin for the code that makes us.


00:15​ Defining a few genome terms

01:53​ What scientists thought the genome did

04:00​ The 1st dimension of the genome

05:28​ The Kinesin Motor

07:07​ A 4-dimensional network of codes

09:18​ Folded different ways, read different ways

10:36​ The genome is fully-functional—no junk

13:26​ The 4th dimension is change over time

15:49​ Masterfully designed layers of complexity

17:09​ Where you can learn more

18:35​ Wrap-up

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

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