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Science journal embraces reincarnation research in support of transgender ideology

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It’s okay, Jerry, this is in support of transgender ideology, and that’s now science (Science?):

From Abstract: Objectives: This study examines childhood gender nonconformity (GNC) in conjunction with the phenomenon in which young children describe memories of a purported previous life. Methods: In a case-control study of 469 children reporting past-life memories, we used logistic regression to examine predictors of GNC, measured by documented gender nonconforming behaviors. Results: Children who remembered a life involving a different natal sex were much more likely to exhibit GNC than children who remembered a same-sex life. Conclusions: After exploring potential explanations, we conclude that past-life memories represent a novel factor that may be associated with the development of GNC.(paywall) Marieta Pehlivanova, Monica J. Janke, Jack Lee & Jim B. Tucker, Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Children’s Past-Life Memories, Received 30 May 2018, Accepted 04 Sep 2018, Published online: 15 Nov 2018 International Journal of Sexual Health More.

Conclusions: Among children who report memories of a previous life, gender nonconformity is strongly associated with a purported life as a member of a different sex. This association may offer insights into contributors to gender nonconformity in children who do not express such memories. In clinical settings, when past-life memories are present in conjunction with GNC, it may be beneficial to address this connection in focused psychotherapy. It is possible that currently unidentified hormonal or neurochemical factors could predispose affected children to both phenomena, or as Stevenson and Keil (2005) suggested, perhaps a previously unrecognized factor of consciousness may be involved.

There is a devastatingly obvious alternative to the idea that both associated ideas have merit but in these times, it may be wisest to leave the reader to guess what that alternative is.

One of the authors, Jim B. Tucker, has been researching past lives (reincarnation) for some time so our scout says it probably isn’t a hoax.

Some expect a pushback from naturalists (nature is all there is) in science, often called “materialists.” But it’s not clear. Science is changing. If consciousness is an evolved illusion, only survival matters, not truth. And today, you survive by conforming to whatever the journal Nature conforms to, whatever it is.

At least, the people who embrace any nonsense that gives them power are acting out what they believe. (They believe in power.) Recently, Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne has been freaking out about all that but who’s really listening? His fellow Darwinians? Why?

Readers, can you offer “sciencey” suggestions for making reincarnation a part of science? Bring in Darwinism as much as you can; that’s sure to sell it.

Just think: Soon, the new “anti-science” will mean not believing in past lives.

Hat tip: Pos-darwinista

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See also: About the facts of life, Darwinian Jerry Coyne is still being stubborn … Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry “Why Evolution Is True” Coyne continues to refuse to follow Nature down the primrose path of political correctness and is doubling down on what people used to be allowed to accept as biological fact (Coyne was president of an evolution society which has started to wobble on whether sexes are real divisions.)

Is Darwinist Jerry Coyne starting to get it about SJW “science”? Ah, not a moment too soon.; Here is a perfect specimen of sp. SJW, Trollus inyerfaceus. We have certainly dealt with them. Coyne may find some in his own back yard.

The perfect storm: Darwinists meet the progressive “evolution deniers” — and cringe… Double down cringe…

The Darwinians’ cowardice before SJW mobs explained in detail: They thought the mob was coming for someone else.

Rob Sheldon: Have a little pity for scientists scared of SJWs I thought the Areo article was the most honest I have met in a long while. It is one thing to boast about courage in the faculty lounge, it is quite another in the provost’s office. I have been cursed with both experiences.

Colin Wright, “The New Evolution Deniers” at Quillette

7 Replies to “Science journal embraces reincarnation research in support of transgender ideology

  1. 1
    News says:

    Dean_from_Ohio at 1, can you say more about how reincarnation is compatible with scientism? It is a belief that depends on the immortality of the soul. Isn’t it? What alternatives are there?

  2. 2
    Seversky says:

    As I read it, this is not a science journal “embracing reincarnation research”, it is a journal publishing a paper in which the researchers studied children’s reports of past-life memories to see if they could be a predictor of gender nonconformity in later life.. They are not investigating whether or not reincarnation actually happens.

  3. 3
    News says:

    Seversky at 3, “Among children who report memories of a previous life, gender nonconformity is strongly associated with a purported life as a member of a different sex. This association may offer insights into contributors to gender nonconformity in children who do not express such memories. ” The most likely explanation is that the children in question are highly suggestible. But that account of the situation won’t validate transgenderism. So a more likely development is that past lives will be taken seriously.

  4. 4
    buffalo says:

    To support detachment from reality they call upon more detachment from reality?

  5. 5
    ET says:

    I don’t understand the hatred of reincarnation. To me it always made sense that a merciful God would allow us chances to get it right. That is as opposed to possibly being banished forever for some stupidity you committed in a relative blink of an eye.

    And until we are all ready for another plane of existence we must suffer reincarnation- we all go together.

  6. 6
    Seversky says:

    Dean_from_Ohio @ 4

    Severely @ 3,

    You’ve made a distinction without a difference. They are not assuming the “past life” memories are a figment of the imagination, are they? If not, they are assuming that reincarnation might happen. That is closer, much closer, to full blown reincarnation than it is to science.

    I don’t see anything there to suggest that the researchers believe in reincarnation so I assume they believe that these reports are just figments of the children’s imagination.

  7. 7
    Seversky says:

    Dean_from_Ohio @ 6

    This parade of discontinuities goes on and on. The Women’s March, Darwinists who posit that aliens seeded life on earth, the European secularists and globalists who open themselves to receive the rape of their societies by the Muslim hordes and silence all opposition to it are just a few examples.

    In short, that’s what idolatries amount to: a worldwide incarnation of a snuff film that spans millennia but definitely has a bloody ending. The participants all hold in common what matters most to them—rebellion against God—and play the parts written for them

    It seems to me this blog is infected with a bad case of apocalypsism.

    Look, if your God is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, etc, Creator I assume you believe Him to be then all this is irrelevant. A God who conjured this entire Universe into existence could presumably wipe it all out – or at least those parts that displeased Him – in an instant, if He chose. There is nothing we could possibly do about it, there is nothing we could possibly do to harm Him. So, if this Universe and everything within it, whether good or bad, continues to exist then it must be by His will. It makes no sense to think that a God capable of creating this entire, unimaginably vast Universe is going to be worried in the slightest by the Women’s March or what Darwinists think.

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