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Science pros reckon with the fallout from Jeffrey Epstein – and it’s grim

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To hear them tell it, it’s big. Some scientists continued their association with Epstein after his sex assault rap in 2008 (under social duress, maybe?):

But others continued to accept funding from Epstein, BuzzFeed reports. Evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers, who retired from Rutgers Universty in 2017, told Reuters in 2015 that he had accepted $40,000, and defended Epstein by saying that girls mature earlier now than they used to—comments he walked back in a tweet published this July.

Still others continued to facilitate meetings between Epstein and members of the research community. Martin Nowak, a mathematician and evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, arranged a get-together in 2012 between Epstein and scientists at MIT and Harvard. Nowak tells BuzzFeed he’d received no funding from Epstein since the latter’s conviction, although he continued to thank him in scientific papers published up until at least 2012.

Catherine Offord, “More Scientists, Institutions with Links to Jeffrey Epstein” at The Scientist

Several science research foundations that received Epstein money have said that they will donate an equivalent amount to an appropriate cause (for example, causes fighting sexual exploitation).

An interesting take on the story is the study of the networks Epstein moved around in:

Harvard, thus far, doesn’t get it. In July, school representatives said the university had no plans to return $6.5 million that helped set up its Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.

Giving away the money would begin to clean up the gross, topologically complex web of influence trading that Epstein helped weave. Before and after his year in prison, in 2008, Epstein lavished money and attention on scientists—biologist Stephen Jay Gould, biochemist George Church, evolutionary scientist Martin Nowak, linguist Steven Pinker, physicist Murray Gell-Mann, physicist Stephen Hawking, and AI researcher Marvin Minsky, among many others.

Epstein was, in the parlance of the sciences, a marker. Like the radioactive tracer you get injected with before an fMRI, his villainy illuminates how the connections among a relatively small clique of American intellectuals allowed them, privately, to define the last three decades of science, technology, and culture. It was a Big-Ideas Industrial Complex of conferences, research institutions, virtual salons, and even magazines, and Jeffrey Epstein bought his way in.

Adam Rogers , “Jeffrey Epstein and the Power of Networks” at Wired

Rogers asks, “How did these geniuses find themselves cozying up to a child rapist?” and provides us with some of the many answers that will filter in.

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Jeff Epstein’s cultural dumpster fire spreads to ID vs. evo controversies.
Just because people are in the news doesn’t mean they did anything. It rather shows how a bad actor can change the news picture.

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Here is much more information in today's online 'veteranstoday.com' (a uniquely knowledgeable source of info on geopolitics, US domestic politics and a whole lot more : https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/08/29/epstein-pursued-science-and-pussy/ https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/08/29/jeffrey-zwi-epstein-migdal/ ... and look at the independent 9/11 report. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/08/29/jeffrey-zwi-epstein-migdal/ Vmahuna, it seems that the alleged earlier attempt on Epstein's life was to lend substance to the claim of his definitive, though in reality, entirely mythical, murder. Gilead Atmon is evidently in no doubt that he was whisked off somewhere, perhaps Israel, very much alive. Axel
News @5 "Epstein’s death closes off many lines of inquiry, probably replacing inquiry with unaccountable speculation." Well, no. The question is "who takes over for Epstein"? He was filling a role in a MUCH larger anti-Western Liberal "organization" (or "gaggle of rich and well-connected men") who run the Western world. As the song sez, "Step outa line, the man come and take you away...". If no single man can do all of what Epstein was doing, there might be several individual men who take over parts of the job. But it's not like the blackmail and intimidation is going to STOP. Oh, and a side note. Epstein's "death" is already part of a major Conspiracy Theory: The dead body in the cell wasn't Epstein's, and the real Epstein was out of the country before the stiff was stiff. This is entirely in line with the fact that Jack Ruby (the man who shot Lee Oswald before Oswald could start talking about who all were involved in offing Jack Kennedy...) "died" in prison and had a "closed coffin" funeral, for no particular reason. A month later, a woman who knew Ruby said she saw Ruby board an airliner headed out of the US... vmahuna
Brother Brian, present yourself in the best light by actually reading the OP. The science group beneficiaries themselves are deciding what to do about a link, in the form of tainted money. We aren't accusing them; they are accusing themselves. Some are reported as acting reasonably and ethically by simply donating an equivalent amount to an anti-exploitation cause - and having nothing further to say. If they don't know anything and no official body is asking, they are wise not to say anything. Epstein's death closes off many lines of inquiry, probably replacing inquiry with unaccountable speculation. Best stay out of it. News
In for a penny, in for a pound. Many branches of Big Science, especially "social" "science", are deeply linked to Deepstate. "Social" "scientists" create torture chambers for CIA. Linguists and speech scientists work for NSA. Physics has been totally involved in Deepstate since the Manhattan Project. Epstein is not unusual at all. Deepstate is full of these international fixer types who engage in blackmail and entrapment. polistra
ID doesn't draw links between people. Are atheists so paranoid they see ID in everything? ET
Sad kairosfocus
The guy funded research. Why does that make suspect the researchers who received this funding? The current US president is on tape saying that he and Epstein have something in common, they both like women who are on the young side. He hosted Epstein parties at Mara Lago. Is ID so desperate that it has to try to draw tenuous links between Epstein and evolution? Brother Brian

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