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Speaker bounced from science teachers’ conference recounts his experiences

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He’s the booked speaker who was escorted out. of a teacher’s conference by security because the conference committee was told his talk was faith-based:

Bouma says in response to the incident, “It’s almost as if they considered Darwin a threat to Darwinian evolution.” Backed up by no fewer than four security guards, three conference officials hustled him out, accusing him of promoting fake science. As Bouma notes, Darwin wrote that “I look with confidence to the future, to young and rising naturalists, who will be able to view both sides of the question with impartiality.” Alas, Darwin’s example — and his hope — weren’t much in evidence among the conference officials who decided to shut down Bouma’s talk.

Sarah Chaffee, “Herman Bouma: “It Was Like the Darwinian Gestapo”” at Evolution News and Science Today:

Here’s the podcast with Bouma.

One way of looking at the story: When Darwinian evolution became a secular religion, as Darwinian philosopher Michael Ruse admits it is, an inevitable consequence followed: The usual assortment of puritans, pharisees, and timeservers who hang around other religions also hung around Darwinism.

For them, Darwinism is both a monopoly business and a narrow faith—and they pursue it as such, stifling not only competition but legitimate questions. To the extent that Darwin and his crowd were authors of new ideas, they wouldn’t have had much time for these people.

Given the sheer number of researchers now pursuing non-Darwinian approaches to biological evolution, there is no excuse for not starting to look at what they are saying.

As suggested earlier, Suzan Mazur, author of Darwin Overthrown: Hello Mechanobiology, for example, could be invited to speak. She would offer a broad-range look at what is happening—which even the Royal Society has taken note of, with interest rather than condemnation—and there is little risk of addressing faith issues.

Unless, of course, the faith in question is Darwinism. Then, as Martin Rees
told Mazur recently, doubt of Darwin is considered heresy.

So, folks, it really is time to open a window.

See also: National Science Teachers group calls security over questioning Darwin.

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One Reply to “Speaker bounced from science teachers’ conference recounts his experiences

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    Pearlman says:

    nice article but (depending how/why one defines) ‘pharisees’ a misunderstood term.
    As they were the optimization of today’s intelligent design and creation scientists, who were libeled and marginalized by those seeking to ingratiate selves to the Roman elitist consensus doctrine rulers..
    just as creation scientists and those advocating ID are automatically misrepresented and maligned without just cause by the current deep-time dependent consensus dogmatic establishment.

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