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Study: Neanderthals did not live more violently than other ancient peoples


From a study of over 200 skulls:

Males suffered the bulk of harmful head knocks, whether they were Neandertals or ancient humans, the scientists report online November 14 in Nature.

“Our results suggest that Neandertal lifestyles were not more dangerous than those of early modern Europeans,” Harvati says. Bruce Bower, “Skull damage suggests Neandertals led no more violent lives than humans” at Science News

That’s a curious headline, Skull damage suggests Neandertals led no more violent lives than humans“,” as if Neanderthals were not humans.

It makes sense that the Neanderthal was not more violent than others. Life back then was probably as violent as it could be among humans who — after all — can foresee and avoid chances of getting killed.

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