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The Dashing Michael Behe Visits Dover

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Michael J. Behe

Thanks for the cool pic of Professor Behe! I made my final decision to fully support ID after the *ID and The Future of Science* confernece at BIOLA a couple of years ago. I was thouroughly impressed with the scientific content of Behe's presentation and I was also impressed by his demeanor and positive attitude. He helped me feel not only intellectually satisfied in supporting ID, but also provided a personal example of character and humility for me to only hope to follow. Dr. Behe is definitely the textbook example of a class act. Sal Sal Monella
DaveScot, Honestly, I am just as surprised about that as you are! testerschoice
What I like about this photo is that it looks like a still capture from a film in the making. The lighting, the pose, etc... Bombadill
testerschoice You're sub-par. I'm really surprised you haven't got the boot yet. DaveScot
Forget about the hat, his taste in ties is obviously sub-par. testerschoice
yea bombadill- behe is neither gentleman nor scholar. hes actually a mean spirited evil idiot. gosh. how was i fooled? and that hat helps him cover up his evil intentions! anyhow, back to reality- i just found this article with comments from behe (its from 2002) http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2002/131/31.0.html interesting stuff. i actually like the hat myself. :) jboze3131
Please for goodness sake loose the Hat! lol :) Charlie Charliecrs
Bombadill, Appearances can be deceiving, and I mean that for both the gentleman part and the scholar. testerschoice
Hah! A gentleman and a scholar. Far from "incompetent" as I read on PT the other day. Bombadill

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