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The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial

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The L.A. Theater Works have been touring the U.S. with a wonderful production of Peter Goodchild’s The Great Tennessee Monkey Monkey Trial. With veteran actors Ed Asner and John Heard as William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow, respectively, the play’s script is taken directly from the transcripts of the actual trial, so is not a fictional account of the trial as Inherit the Wind was. My daughter and I had the privilege of seeing yesterday at Notre Dame and it is superb in every way. Asner and Heard are perfect as Bryan and Darrow. There are a few tour dates coming up so if this presentation is coming anywhere near where you are, I highly recommend you make the effort to see it.

Clarence Darrow was a communist. He defended the founders of the communist party of the USA. Read some of his defense speech: In Defense of the Communists, Clarence Darrow. Go here for a few Scopes Trial resources Vladimir Krondan
That is great news, DonaldM. Thank you. tribune7
Well, since the script is from the actual trial transcripts, it is what it is. Even though it was obviously selected bits from the entire trial, it didn't come across as a slam at all. At the very end, the narrator made a comment that the debate continues today in 2009 mentioned Intelligent Design and the debate taking place in Texas, but didn't say it in a way that came across as biased or as a slam. DonaldM
Thanks DonaldM. I have trouble believing Hollywood would come up with something that's not a slam on anyone who would question Darwin. Great news. tribune7

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