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The most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter



Sam Harris and Steve Pinker are top tweets. (2 and 5)

Hat tip: Stephanie West Allen at Brains on Purpose

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Pinker is someone who says Jews are superior to me and everyone. I think Africans. Therefore it must mean that modern people accept that human intelligence is fair and square claimed to be on innate genes related to identity or/and race. Sex identity too. OKAY Then creationism can say evolutionism and big mouth evolutionists believe and teach races etc evolved to different innate smartness and society can believe and teach and act on this. Everyone who said this in the past was OKAY after all, except wrong answers I guess, and charges of racism, sexism are null and void. I see this as a opportunity for creationism and good guys everywhere to wedge into displaying evolutionism as wrong, dumb, and dangerous as it was, a little, in the past. Yes we can say WASP's might or are superior IF they can say JEWS or FINNS or whoever is on the deans list lately. Its not true of coarse concerning genetics and YEC and ID have something to bang them with. Robert Byers

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