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The ongoing failure of supersymmetry

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You know, string theory leads to a multiverse. As described by Columbia mathematician Peter Woit at Not Even Wrong:

There’s an interview with Nima Arkani-Hamed here. His talk at the recent PASCOS 2017 conference (real title is second slide “What the Hell is Going On?”) gives his take on the current state of HEP, post failure of the LHC to find SUSY. He’s sticking with his 2004 “Split SUSY” as his “Best Bet”. I’d like to think his inspirational ending claiming that the negative LHC results are forcing people to rethink the foundations of the subject, asking again the question “What is QFT?” reflects reality, but not sure I see much of that. More.

It has become a cult. It does not need to be correct, only believed.

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Cosmology is naturalism’s playground. But does the fun mask a science decline?

Multiverse cosmology at your fingertips

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