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A biologist’s deep wish for Darwinism to make sense

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Re J. Scott Turner’s forthcoming Purpose and Desire: From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views,

His book, Purpose and Desire: What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It, underlines that Turner is not an “anti-Darwinist.” On the contrary, he explains that “I want deeply for it” – meaning the modern theory of Darwinian evolution – “to make sense.” The reasons for his disillusion, which he outlines in this fascinating contribution to the evolution debate, turn upon long-ignored problems with the theory, and counterevidence from the mysterious nature of life itself.

It is still a couple of months too early for reviews of Purpose and Desire, but Kirkus welcomes it with a pre-publication starred review as an “ingenious mixture of science and philosophy that points out major defects in Darwinism and then delivers heterodox but provocative solutions…a highly thought-provoking book.” More.

But where are the trolls and zombies? Turner still has a job at New York State U Syracuse, so far as we know, even though he won’t force himself to believe what can’t be true.

Meanwhile, the Darwin zombies and their fans were recently kicked off welfare in Texas, but are said to be headed for California, where their talents are better appreciated.

Things may be changing too slowly for some. But if we can have a troll-free and zombie-absent discussion of the problems, we are indeed making progress.

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J. Scott Turner in the Chronicle of Higher Education — ID is asking the right questions! (2007)

"a troll-free and zombie-absent discussion..." "Darwin zombies and their fans were recently kicked off welfare" Is anything edited here? Or perhaps NEWS could maybe self edit, this is poor writing in anynone's book. It drips invective which is a dead giveaway for a writer lacking anything meaningful to say. It's also fair to describe as simple childish name calling. rvb8

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