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The Paley Watch Co.


Place the watch parts in a special shaker, firmly attach the shaker lid, and shake until assembled. Results may vary.
Paley Watch Company

Yeah, I think "Dawkins Watch Company" would better fit the bill since the watch company relies on jar shaking to come up with watches. :D Anyway, some of you mentioned computers. Well, a while ago, one of the fans running on my PC stopped working properly. Had I known that putting all the parts of the fan inside a container then mixing it a number of times after will create a new fan, we shouldn't have bought a new one. What a bummer. skwayred
Hey Jacob! Seems like my computer is ahead of yours in the evolutionary ladder! The processor´s cooler fan have broken it´s plastic encasement and now it´s already shaking violently! What those stupid creationists would call "a lost of function" (yeah, right) will be the driving force that natural selection will use to upgrade my hardware! And nature did it all by itself! Thank you, Natural Selection!!! But keep the good work and soon enough we will witness some convergent evolution. Marcos
Why, just yesterday, I assembled a heavy-duty rolling cart for a sound board by taking wood, an electric saw, and various fasteners, shaking them together furiously until, voila!, on the billionth shake, a usable form emerged. The lesson is clear - random mutations improve function. Tomorrow, I will begin shaking my desktop computer until my processor grows a second core. Designed Jacob
Right, the Dawkin/Darwin Watch Company would be analogical. A perfect example of how "METHINKS IT'S A WEASEL" would work without the intelligently designed components. mike1962
Actually, I think "Dawkin's Watch Company" would be most appropriate, in honor of his immortal tome, "The Blind Watchmaker." This is hilarious! I wonder if you can actually order it? The Scubaredneck
Wouldn't this be better named "Darwin's Watch Company?" the wonderer
"...evolution is as well established as the sciences of quantum chemistry, Newtonian physics and global warming." LOL! "If you release a ball from a height, it will fall. If you shake a box of watch parts, it will assemble into a watch." I don't know if I should laugh or cry, since this is so close to what many people actually believe - oh but ID is the "science stopper" shaner74

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