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    Tom Robbins says:

    As you read my entire comment you will see I am no fan of Krause – however, “deliciously ironic”? I think we can reach a little higher than relishing the fall of someone, come on – how can we claim to care about morality and an objective morality if we are gleeful about someone else’s misery? Not to mention, a man or women is innocent until proven guilty, and I would not be so quick to judge – HAVING SAID THIS:

    I am no fan of Kraus who seems to spend more time denouncing God than ever attempting to explain the bizarre philosophies of science like the multiverse or “we hallucinate our consciousness” we are not truly conscious (what???). These types have embraced mysticism over science in order to maintain their worldview.

    But I believe this very self-serving arrogance has horrible impacts on our young people, teaching them that life, consciousness and the universe was one big accident. These types of militant atheists are constantly trying to drag humans down into the muck, and destroy any notion of human exceptionalism. The impact on young minds is devastating, giving a sense of purposelessness, getting yours while you can, and having no moral compass, helping young people promote a kind of fascist thinking, as the only thing left for them is to hold a false sense of both intellectual and moral superiority, no matter how they treat their fellow man, or asking what they have done for others – it is a fact, that we find more joy in giving than receiving, but this is beyond classical Darwinian socialism, which inspires nothing as sustainability is all they can shoot for. After all, you are a meat bag with a deterministic computer in your skull, and nothing more.

    They seem willing to help assist the suicide of true scientific endeavor, that used to be approached with zeel, excitement, wonder, and imagination, in order to keep their atheist worldview intact. Religion, weather materialism or deism should never enter science, as it is a matter of observation, and our limited concepts about how (BUT NEVER WHY) things work, explaining phenomenon in our limited vocabulary as compared to the universe as a whole! Science should never embrace any religion, weather that of a militant atheists or a Biblical reconciliation with science – the Bible is much more than science, as science is not a path to truth, and is certaining NOT a way of KNOWING, it is a tool to improve our understanding of those things within our realm of explanation, and dependent on our limited view of reality. BUT COME ON with the “Deliciously Ironic” reminds me of talk you use in gossip columns.

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    daveS says:

    Tom Robbins,

    Regarding your first paragraph, we should also keep in mind the well-being of those that Krauss harassed and hope he won’t harm others.

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    Tom Robbins says:

    Dave I absolutely agree with you. I just think we who hold a worldview that we are not the center of the universe, I need to be a little bit mmore careful of taking pleasure out of someone else’s rotten Behavior. Don’t get me wrong I am glad he is been knocked down a peg or two or ten as I think his preaching of his worldview is highly destructive.

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    daveS says:


    I agree with much of what you say. I also don’t mind seeing Krauss knocked down a peg (in the sense that he is being relieved of some duties). Rumors about his behavior have been circulating for years, and who knows how many lives he has adversely affected.

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