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Tom Bethell (1936–2021), remembered by his editors

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Readers will recall that we saluted Tom Bethell, on his passing as one of the earliest Darwin skeptics.Now some of his many editors weigh in:

Tom Bethell was an editor’s dream. He owned the patent on clean, engaging, delightful copy. Tom, British-born and educated, became our Washington correspondent in 1976, writing the Capitol Ideas column for the next four decades or so, never missing an issue until well past retirement age.

The Editors, “Tom Bethell, RIP” at The Spectator

And, reproduced at the same source, from his funeral panegyric:

I surely cannot be the only person present here this morning to be convinced that Tom’s name will continue to be mentioned, his views cited, his story told, long after today. What more could a writer want? Surely, the author of seven books and hundreds of articles could wish for no greater accolade? But just as I am confident that Tom Bethell will be remembered, so I am equally confident that he held little desire for notoriety, and far less for fame, or celebrity. I say this because I am sure that as someone who spoke with absolute conviction, and with unimpeachable integrity, Tom Bethell was more concerned about the ideas of which he spoke and wrote. In a way which was strangely counter-cultural and refreshing in our time, Tom was much more concerned about the message than the messenger, much more enthusiastic about the content than the vehicle of its communication.

The Editors, “Tom Bethell, RIP” at The Spectator

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Wow. I have 2 or 3 of his books. I liked his stuff. I'm sad to know he won't be writing another 1. mahuna

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