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Trust the Science! Instructive testimony from media efforts to squelch debate about the COVID panic


In the name of science, of course.

Subject-matter experts have been effectively silenced for disagreeing with “whatever was predetermined by the media to be right,” according to University of California Davis physician resident Tracy Beth Hoeg.

She said her interview with Nature promoting school reopening got her kicked out of a Facebook group for epidemiologists. Facebook hid her posts on post-vaccination myocarditis in young men, even though Hoeg was citing “the CDC’s own slides,” she said. Critics asked UC-Davis to rein in Hoeg, who is untenured.

Particularly galling was that NPR did a lengthy “preinterview” with Hoeg but replaced her with a pro-mask pediatrician in the broadcast segment. “I couldn’t listen to it, I was just so angry,” she said.

Though the CDC published her study finding minimal “in-school spread” of COVID, Hoeg speculated that the agency simply liked the original title, “Mask up,” and ignored the data.

Greg Piper, “‘Predetermined’: Mainstream scientists blame media, Big Tech for squelching COVID debate” at Just the News ( March 21, 2022)

There need to be Congressional hearings, studies, and books written about how “science” became a synonym for “what people do when they are in a panic” and how “disinformation” came to mean “casting doubt on panic-stricken responses.” But obviously, there is a larger message here about what science has become.

There's nothing trustworthy about science right now, at least not while the current liberal puppeteers are in charge. Like so many other things (e.g., women sports), liberals have effectively ruined science and everything it is supposed to represent. KRock
Of course there won't be any hearings or books. Deified and weaponized Science has been dominant since 1789. 250 years later, there still aren't any books about the French weaponizing of science. We have books about the Church beheading Bruno, but we don't mention Robespierre beheading Lavoisier. The latter is OK because Science is still the only god. polistra

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