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Writing Science Fiction Helps Students Understand Science Better

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A recent study published in Issues in Teaching Earth Science suggests that having student write a science fiction story incorporating a concept helps them understand the concept better.

Students in an introductory college geology course engaged in one of two exercises to learn more about the concept of cross cutting relationships, a major principle in stratigraphy. One exercise involved writing a report on the concept, the other involved writing a science fiction story based on the concept. Preliminary results suggest that students who engaged with the material within the context of science fiction writing gained a deeper understanding.

While the study was focused on geological concepts, we might suggest that Darwinists have been writing science fiction for decades and publishing it in the scientific journals. Perhaps reviewing those might help students even better grasp the concept of how to do good science fiction.

Darwinism is based on a work of fiction and never passed the threshold for legitimate science. Evolution, as Darwin envisioned it, has never been witnessed by anyone including Darwin. The results cannot be replicated by anyone. Speciation was little more than a figment of his mind and not one person has ever shown it to be anything other than the fiction it is. BobRyan

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