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Yes, law schools have changed. Now here’s a key way media have changed


Barry Arrington wrote thoughtfully yesterday about how law schools have changed:

Law professor Ilya Shapiro was invited to speak at the U.C. Hastings Law School. The event had to be cancelled because every time Shapiro attempted to speak, fascist students banged the table and shouted him down. After enduring these Brownshirt tactics for an hour with no help from the university, Shapiro gave up and left. The fascists won. Read further here.

UC Hastings Dean Morris Ratner was present and did not lift a finger to stop the fascists. More shocking still – and this is the moment that brought clarity – UC Hastings Professor Rory Little actually encouraged the fascists. He is reported to have banged the table as they shouted and was caught on video saying, “I’m all for the protest here.” When a student asked him to repeat that, he doubled down and said, “I’m all for it.”

I went to law school in the 1980s. In those days the progressive rot was advancing, but it had not advanced to the point where progressives could risk letting their “liberal” cover slip and expose their true totalitarian colors. Those days are over. Progressives like Professor Little appear to believe they no longer need to pretend to be liberal, that encouraging fascist tactics is perfectly OK so long as the right people are being silenced.

A similar change can be observed in legacy mainstream media.

Journalists were never especially virtuous people so none of what I am about to say should be seen as pining for the good old days. They weren’t ever that good. Even so, when the rules change, it’s often not an improvement.

The traditional journalist tended to support free speech. Chances are, he worked for a family owned newspaper that earned its keep from local advertising and subscriptions. He knew lots about the misdeeds of pols, crats, and tycoons. His right to just say it sometimes — with impunity — was his protection. And their fear. He didn’t have to say it but if he did, some people wouldn’t be running for re-election, would be retiring early, or would be shuffled out in some corporate shake-up.

The new electronic media world was not kind to traditional media. For one thing, the old media didn’t understand the new media, were late adopters, and got into financial trouble as a result.

In Canada, the government essentially put the old establishment media all on welfare, converting them into little pravdas. That has become strikingly evident in recent years, and especially during the Convoys period.

In the United States, they became part of megacorps whose real interest might be the Chinese market. Or something.

One outcome is that media people today see freedom of speech in a much more hostile light. During the Convoy response to the COVID crazy here in Canada, we were explicitly given to understand that freedom of speech is a “right wing” value. That view is now widely shared.

It would certainly have surprised generations of liberal-minded journalists. But if we ponder the matter for a moment, we can see what drives the change of view. Media funded by the government via money coerced from taxpayers — taxpayers that those media may largely despise — simply don’t have the same needs as the older generations did. They certainly aren’t going to punch a hole in their own breadbasket. One senses the same thing with U.S. corporate media. They know that their market is not as important to their bosses as the Chinese market is.

One difference between establishment media and law schools, of course, is that people are tending to interact less and less with establishment media, so the way they must warp things matters less. One wishes one could say the same for law schools.

Anyway, keep up with the freedom convoys here. Find out who your independent media are and support them.

is it something else?
He has an agenda. I’ve posted it a couple times. It’s called ESG and DIE. He forces implementation in every corporation which is why they all of a sudden got so woke. He coming for the average person just as they are doing in China. jerry
He controls the media through the financial tentacles of his investment platform.
Is his interest just to enhance Blackrock's fortunes through media control, or is it something else? Silver Asiatic
"We tend to judge people not for their actual words or deeds" I think this is too broad a generalization. "We" a lot of times judge on words and deeds. Prolly more often than not. Andrew asauber
Since this OP is on the integrity of information, I came across some interesting tweets that are insightful
We tend to judge people not for their actual words or deeds, but for the motives that we suspect lie behind them. Since our suspicions of others are coloured by our knowledge of ourselves, we often end up framing people for crimes we committed in our imagination.
Before social media, people saved face when changing their mind by pretending they'd never held the old opinion. But now that there's a public record of utterances, changing beliefs cannot be easily hidden, so instead people double down on old opinions, fortifying their folly
Whenever you respond with vitriol to a political opponent's tweet, you reinforce their side's impression that your side is cruel and irrational. If you wish to disprove the opposing side's caricature of your side, be kind and reasonable.
The mind cannot be at peace for long, because it exists to overcome obstacles, and so when untroubled, it dreams up troubles, and solves the problem of lacking problems to solve by solving invented problems.
https://mobile.twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal See my comment #11 above for a long thread this person wrote. jerry
Larry Fink Blackrock. Vanguard is a close second
BlackRock and Vanguard are intertwined. jerry
Jerry “He controls the media through the financial tentacles of his investment platform” Larry Fink Blackrock. Vanguard is a close second Vivid. vividbleau
Why is Cancel Culture such a big part of our lives today? To understand the Twitter mob’s destruction of lives and careers, it’s essential to address the immense power of groupthink (I tend - maybe it is just a personal thing - to think of Cancel Culture as Darwinism metastasized) https://mindmatters.ai/2022/03/why-is-cancel-culture-such-a-big-part-of-our-lives-today/ The internet illustrates a principle, developed by French philosopher René Girard, that groupthink lets us shed responsibility for our role in mob violence. News
Blastus at 19 is correct about the elites in Canada and (from what I hear about law schools in the United States.) The term we use here is "Sinification." As China becomes the new top world power, elites start to emulate the government of China rather than that of the United States. Hence the police horses trampling protestors. (Later, it'll be tanks.) News
Concerning Canada, here is a brief interview with Charles Burton of the McDonald Laurier Institute. At about the 7 minute mark Burton opines that a large number of the Canadian elites are already financially captive to China (true also of U.S. elites). https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hdWRpb2Jvb20uY29tL2NoYW5uZWxzLzQwMDIyNzQucnNz/episode/dGFnOmF1ZGlvYm9vbS5jb20sMjAyMi0wMy0wODovcG9zdHMvODA0MzUwMA?ep=14 Chuck Darwin is unfamiliar with the current state of American law schools or bar associations. Unwoke views on a number of subjects will result in expulsion and loss of license. Blastus
but then again I don’t know
He controls the media through the financial tentacles of his investment platform. jerry
TikTok is a data harvesting project by the CCP. Silver Asiatic
One person controls nearly all the western media. His name does not not get widespread attention. I wonder why?
I can think of a few answers, but then again I don't know. Do you really wonder why or do you have the answer to that? Silver Asiatic
What most people do not realize, or even accept when told, is that their opinions on numerous issues are fed to them via whatever media they imbibe. In short, media mind control is very real: https://thopid.blogspot.com/2019/05/media-mind-control.html The only way to avoid this is to regularly peruse multiple media sources with different world views and slants, and then think for yourself. Alas, there are very few large, comprehensive ones on the conservative side of the ledger, so we have to make do with the smaller, focused ones and parse their biases along with the opposite ones from the biggies. Fasteddious
No drama, no scandal, no PC, no Armageddon
From the master of inane gobbledygook. Do you buy gas where you live? The first time since Korea that massive columns of tanks have mobilized in a western country. Then there is inner city homicides and millions crossing the border illegally. And worse of all, the Democrats are thinking of running Hillary. Now that’s Armageddon. jerry
There are 199 ABA accredited law schools in the US. The vast majority are quietly doing what law schools do best, churning out a constant supply of unnecessary lawyers. No drama, no scandal, no PC, no Armageddon.... chuckdarwin
news, sadly, it won't END there as enabling lawless oligarchy predictably leads to blood. KF kairosfocus
A very interesting twitter thread which all should read because it has relevance here. I’ll post it a couple places and maybe a discussion will get started. It’s not religious or political but explains a lot.
In 40 tweets I’ll explain 40 useful concepts you should know. Reading time: ~7 minutes. Value: potentially a lifetime!
https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1492255231169679365.html By the way, the guy is anti ID as you will see in one of the tweets. Also while this long twitter thread is not especially political (it does get into media though) it explains a lot of the politics going on. jerry
"find your local samizdats now" Personally, News of UD happens to be my favorite "samizdat". :) bornagain77
Barry Arrington at 7: Here's how it will end (happening in Canada now): Tax- or ambitious billionaire-supported legacy media join in the elite howls against the traditional freedoms granted under our systems of government. They persecute the indie media who become ever more important as all other sources of ( non-elite directed) news cease. For every couple of pravdas, there will be a samizdat. To stay current, find your local samizdats now. News
I've been doing a blog feature on WPA's contribution to our culture and country. In looking up stuff about post offices, I noticed a perfect 'controlled experiment' on this distinction. Back in the 30s, snooty local officials objected to WPA's murals on racial grounds, and covered up the murals. This is viewed by modern bloggers as horrible right-wing censorship. Now snooty Federal officials are covering up the same murals for the same reasons. Modern bloggers see this as necessary protection against harm. https://polistrasmill.com/2022/03/07/wpa-4-5-post-offices/ polistra
Yes, the New York Times staff shouted down Senator Cotton's editorial in much the same way the students shouted down Shapiro. I suppose we should have been shocked that a newspaper would cave to calls for censorship. But having been inured to perfidy at the Times these last several years, I suppose I was just too numb to be shocked. But KF is right. This will not end well. Barry Arrington
Rupert Murdoch
He’s less than a pawn. Only one person in world controls $10 trillion. Bill Gates is a peon in comparison. Murdock is a spec. jerry
Jerry - that's the worst spelling of "Rupert Murdoch" I've seen. Bob O'H
Follow the money. One person controls nearly all the western media. His name does not not get widespread attention. I wonder why? His name is Larry Fink and controls 10 trillion dollars. Investments in every large media organization and corporation in the western world enable him to place representatives on every board often in the actual media organizations to control what they promulgate. They all practice ESG and DIE. So will you if he and his like have their way. With the digital world it will be easy to know what each is doing/saying. I recently returned to the country from a cruise. I walked through a camera that allowed me to enter country with no paperwork or checks on identification. jerry
Let's suppose the election works and citizens options in shaping the politics really matter. Who is responsible for this ? To me looks like an agenda that develops no matter who is in charge. Trump is an exception that moved the rock under which we discovered all the spiders, scorpions ,snakes that run the world. Imagine how much Trump would have done if the deep state (with his tentacles: legacy media, secret services, hollyweirds, etc. ) would have been WITH HIM. Lieutenant Commander Data
Fools. Blood will come of this. kairosfocus
Your economic distinction between media and academia is crucial. CNN understands that Joe Rogan is taking their audience, but so far they haven't figured out why, and can't see how to regain their audience. Truth is an utterly alien concept to "journalists". There's no Rogan competing with academia. Students are leaving, and smaller colleges are feeling the pain, but again they haven't figured out what's wrong and wouldn't know how to solve the problem even if they could see it. Larger universities don't feel the pain at all because they are more hedge fund than university. Harvard and Yale can live solely on their endowments, without any input from tuition or grants or donors. No feedback loop at all. polistra

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