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Yes, Lia Thomas is Causing Harm

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Some have responded to my last post by saying “take a chill pill dude” (not kidding; one commentator actually resorted to that inanity). They argue that I should settle down because Lia Thomas’ posing as a woman to crush real women in athletic competitions does not harm anyone. Nonsense. He is causing harm. Former collegiate swimmer Jenna Stocker writes this about her swimming career:

Whether on a court, rink, or in my case, a pool, the ultimate goal is to win. The drive to be the best in my sport and my events — distance freestyle — is why I rode my bike through the snow for predawn practices at the University of Minnesota. It is why I swam countless laps, pushing myself through the silence of my own thoughts staring at a bottom of a pool. It is why I spent my college years forgoing other activities, parties, even internships in pursuit of my dreams.

Jenna Stocker

Now imagine that after all of that a man steps into the pool and beats her. Are you really going to say she has not been harmed?

Without knowing who posted “take a chill pill” I immediately assumed it was CD and not to my surprise it’s was Nooooooow on something related I would like to divert you attention to the mma fighter Fallon Fox For those that do not know her/him he is a transgender woman, originally a man, and continued to compete, only in women’s mma He collapsed two of his opponents faces in and sent one to the hospital, because HE was brave and beautiful for coming out as trans and then competing with biological women So remember if you support biological men competing with biological women because they think they’re a woman then you also support this nonsense above or a biological man can collapse the face of a biological woman because he thinks he’s a woman In essence beating the crap out of a woman is OK as long as you think you’re a woman AaronS1978
It's a form of bullying, to get over on someone because they are smaller, slower, weaker on an uneven playing field. On top of that, to enable unfair advantage for yourself (or others) to do the above through lying about who you are, is evil. Andrew asauber

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