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You think the SJW war on engineering is a joke…


Free Engineering Vector Collection And that is your mistake. A look at how social justice warriors have penetrated the soft underbelly of engineering:

Engineering education has been infiltrated by a “phalanx of social justice warriors” who are steadily corrupting the field, according to a Michigan State University professor.

“They have sought out the soft underbelly of engineering, where phrases such as ‘diversity’ and ‘different perspectives’ and ‘racial gaps’ and ‘unfairness’ and ‘unequal outcomes’ make up the daily vocabulary,” asserts Mechanical Engineering professor Indrek Wichman in an essay published Wednesday by the James G. Martin Center.

“They have sought out the soft underbelly of engineering…”

“Instead of calculating engine horsepower or microchip power/size ratios or aerodynamic lift and drag, the engineering educationists focus on group representation, hurt feelings, and ‘microaggressions’ in the profession,” Wichman adds.Toni Airaksinen, “‘Social justice warriors’ are ruining engineering, prof warns” at Campus Reform

We didn’t know that engineering had a soft underbelly. We know this though:

Somewhere in the near future, we will be hearing a plaintive cry go up, after a string of “peoplekind”-caused disasters (that no one is allowed to discuss honestly), “Is there someplace out there that we can go, in order to hire a real engineer?”

See also: The war on math and science spreads to engineering. The social justice warrior needs engineers to be assessed largely on the basis of qualities other than knowledge of the discipline, maybe on adherence to concepts like social justice math. And they’re not going to give up because they count on strategies like wearing down the opposition. It’s a clever approach because their persistence creates the impression of wide support.


Progressive war on science takes dead aim at math Four credits in math and/or algebra for learning how to spout feminist propaganda even if you couldn’t figure out how many square tiles are needed for a new shop floor.

Fun but partly serious: The war starts in early grade school. Check out the comments to this vid for the surprising number of people who literally don’t “get” the basic issue:

Semi-OT for those who want to help GOOD teachers: The Gates foundation is running a 1.5 match today on DonorsChoose.org. Most of the teachers are just looking for "improved seating" or "more iPads", but you can find serious and excellent science and math projects if you spend a few minutes looking. polistra
The engineering school at Penn State was already avoiding the insanity of "humanities" back in the '80s when I was working there. Engineering students didn't have to go through the "English" department to learn deconstructionism; instead they learned how to write and communicate clearly. They didn't have to learn quantum quackery in "Physics"; instead they learned Newton in their own Actual Physics courses. If the administration hasn't surrendered since then, the latest SJWs will find very little penetrable underbelly available. polistra
The soft underbelly of engineering are engineering students and young engineering faculty, who, in an effort to fit in to the campus milieu, tend to latch on to or at least consider the absurdities that pass for discourse on the present day campus. Best not to temp the radicals into thinking you're a bigot. Just for the record - in industry there is no such soft underbelly except in Silicon Valley software company management at high visibility companies. I don't believe the hardware companies e.g. Intel, Qualcomm (San Diego) Texas Instruments (Dallas), Analog Devices (Boston) would have a soft underbelly. Soft underbellies don't work very well in the hardware marketplace. Here is an early skirmish in this ridiculous fight between hardware company founder T.J. Rogers and Jesse Jackson http://www.cypress.com/documentation/ceo-articles/san-jose-mercury-news-valley-should-stand-jacksons-divisive-tactics-march groovamos

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