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What animals do when we aren’t around


Five cougars together – a rare sight

"Kinda nice that in a state with a population of 40 million people that there's a place for wild lions to roam around safely." There's a lot of culture packed into that ranger's characterization, "kinda nice." Kin to the wide-eyed wonder of the urban trekker out in the wild who wants to "pet the bear." Lions teaming up is "kinda nice," relatively speaking only. Not so nice for a cow and calf watering at that windmill's stock tank, or by extension, for the owner of the livestock. (No need to talk about late-night joggers. Not yet...) Behavioral biologists viewing that video ought to wonder, and no doubt do, whether this evidence represents a possible behavioral change among North American lions more generally. After all, in Africa and Asia, lions team up into prides. Why not here? And if it is a successful strategy for this group in this location, why not others in other locations? No reason. If the behavior is or becomes widespread among North American lions, the cuteness is going to wear off fast in states with 40 million people. jstanley01

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