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This is mildly off-topic. And I’m guilty of little bit (maybe a lot) of ‘venting’. But here’s a link to what has allegedly happened at Oregon State University. It appears that a scientist whose children are on their way to Ph’D’s at OSU are being thrown out of the Ph’D program (one has been there 4 years already) because faculty members with connections to local Democratic politics are not happy that the scientist ran for state office as a Republican.

It is simply mind-numbing what has happened to our Universities.

When I was young and in college in the 60’s, the local SDS (Students for a Democratic Society–of Marxist bent) chapter yelled and screamed for a “free speech” area to be erected on campus. The faculty said OK, and let them gather in front of the library, which is, of course, a symbol of learning and the multiplicity of ideas. But after two weeks of no one showing up in front of the library—except them—they then appealed that it be moved next to the “Commons Area” (where, naturally, they disturbed our lunch break with their high-volumed speakers). So much for “free speech”: they shoved it down our throats.

But that wasn’t all. Gathering in a large circle, as was their custom, and having the microphone positioned within the circumference, anytime someone would speak up in defense of our government and in defense of the Vietnam War, they would—after having said no more than 10 or 15 words—be roundly “booed” until they shut up.
This is the liberal notion of “free speech”. Yes, indeed, to a liberal, “free speech” means they can say every vile thing they care to . . . . and you must listen. And anything anybody else wishes to say must be silenced.

There’s a word for this: that word is “fascism”. And as they called the police “fascist pigs” in those days, what I’ve come to understand after all these years is that their choice of words were simply a case of ‘projection’.

Did I mention the scientists sons and daughter are studying nuclear physics? Well, if this is what they do to nuclear physicists they don’t like, just think if you rile some evolutionary biologists by saying that Darwin isn’t smarter than God.

(BTW, for years I conducted an experiment. If I didn’t know who the talking heads were that I heard debating on TV, I just simply waited to see which of them was quick to interrupt and slow to finish talking. That was the liberal. I stopped the experiment after 65 successful selections in a row.)

These people have been described as political "steet fighters". They know how to get what they want, will appeal to the opposition's sense of honor, then use it against them. It has a very "end's justify the means" flavor. It's an instinctive tactic. All parents see their children use this tactic to get their way - at least until those chilren learn to respect their parents and their peers. arkady967
PaV, I noticed this 'interrupting' tendency just the other day in this debate,,,, subtle but very telling: Duelling Professors (Peter Atkins vs John Lennox) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx0CXmagQu0 bornagain77

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