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Hydrochloroquine wars, 3: Belgium and Bahrain weigh in as UK PM Johnson tests positive and Dr Zelenko’s video vanishes


Fresh developments, even as in a now all too familiar development, a politically incorrect video vanishes from YouTube. The Boris Johnson case shows just how contagious this virus is, as he joins a list of leading politicians and members of their families. We definitely need a good treatment and we need it fast.

In that light, let us see what is being picked up from Belgium:

Belgium’s Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) is reserving hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, for patients who really need it in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The drug, marketed under the name Plaquenil, has entered clinical trials in France and the United States, and its results against Covid-19 are promising, according to Le Vif/L’Express on Tuesday. Belgium has also started clinical trials for experimental treatments against the coronavirus.

Bahrain (part of the Persian Gulf region where the virus has been running riot, just as in many other places) is more explicit:

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first in the world to administer hydroxychloroquine to treat active Covid-19 cases, says the country’s Supreme Council of Health chairman Lieutenant-General Dr Shaikh Mohamed Abdullah Al Khalifa.

The Bahrain News Agency (BNA) quoted Dr Shaikh Mohamed, who is also the National Taskforce for Combating Covid-19 head, as revealing the information on Tuesday (March 24).

According to the news report, the drug is reported to have had a profound impact when used to treat the symptoms exhibited by active Covid-19 cases.

Bahrain first used the drug on Feb 26, following the registration of its first Covid-19 case on Feb 24.

Dr Shaikh Mohamed said the compound was administered in line with treatment regimens that have seen success in China and South Korea.

So, it has been in use in Bahrain for a month; with positive reports. Belgium is reserving it for priority treatment of Covid-19. Tests are in progress.

Ah, but there’s no evidence that it is better than snake oil. NOT. END

Case scenario 1: SARS-Cov-2 encounters a human immune system. Selective pressures acting here: _____ Case scenario 2: SARS-Cov-2 encounters
cashiers (humans) having (intelligently designed) plexiglass in front of them and they wiping down the conveyor and credit card keypads (with intelligently designed cleaners) between each customer.
Selective pressures acting here: _____ Truthfreedom
Kairosfocus: Indeed, we have to pursue due diligence to the best of our ability and try and shut this down. JVL
Folks, we simply do not have the power to instantly stop a novel, highly contagious epidemic from quasi-exponential growth once it breaks out of initial lodgements -- we are being blitzed by an invader we cannot even see. We can only try to find treatments to shift the death/recovery balance and work to impose early saturation. That's why the isolation here and elsewhere. Let's see how it works. KF kairosfocus
And a good chunk of the world, including the US, is still in the exponential growth phase. Ed George
PaV’s estimate of total worldwide deaths, 6 days ago, was 27,400. We just hit 30,000, according to Johns Hopkins. Jim Thibodeau
JVL, curfew just got extended to 24 hours and to April 14. KF
Welcome to the club. Canada is in lockdown with the exception of essential services such as hospitals, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, water and wastewater plants, police, firefighters, liquor stores and cannabis stores. For the stores that are open, they are limiting the number allowed in at any time and have marks on the ground in front of the cash, and outside, indicating how far apart you have to stay. Cashiers have plexiglass in front of them and they wipe down the conveyor and credit card keypads between each customer. Ed George
KF: curfew just got extended to 24 hours and to April 14. It's probably for the best. But what a burden! Thank goodness for the internet eh? I don't know what your home-life is like but it might be time to get out a deck of cards and teach the young 'uns the finer points of gin rummy! Show 'em that the old dog still has some tricks they don't know eh? :-) JVL
JVL, curfew just got extended to 24 hours and to April 14. KF kairosfocus
JVL, afraid, I am not, thank God. Busy, yes -- policy analysis stuff heats up now, e.g. digitalisation just shot up to top of the priority list after emergency management, with alternative energy close behind . . . supply disruptions. KF kairosfocus
Peace i leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
I'm sure you know where that's from. Take care. JVL
TF, I hear you, though the five are tested, confirmed cases. There is also a flu. KF kairosfocus
Thanks, this too shall pass. kairosfocus
@4 Kairosfocus: There may be an overlapping of dengue and COVID-19 diagnosis. More info is needed: https://amp.scmp.com/week-asia/health-environment/article/3074496/southeast-asia-risk-missing-coronavirus-cases-amid Truthfreedom
Kairosfocus: Sounds grim, but necessary. I hope your country dodges the worst of it. Good luck! JVL
JVL, it has now emerged that we are facing a one-two punch: for several weeks now an outbreak of Dengue that was rampant around Christmas is back up to up to 10 cases per week. Coming off the Mar 10 BA 2157 London - ANU, we and Antigua had our first cases. Across last weekend eight samples went off to Trinidad for test, one was positive. A few days ago, the Governor mentioned six more went out and yesterday it was announced 3 were positive. From Tuesday, a lockdown was announced and went into effect by 7 pm yesterday. Midnight, ANU our gateway, was locked to general commercial flights. Only essentials are open for business this morning, though too many people are still on streets as I saw this morning, just now. Nurses and doctors are not yet in Wuhan space suits, though they are at up to near surgical level. Oh yes, 4 people in public save for 15 for funerals. Two weeks in the first instance implying a soft launch Constitutional state of emergency. I suspect they simply stepped up use of powers under the longstanding Emergency with the volcano disaster. So, let's see if we can break the propagation chain. Jamaica is heading for lockdown, Trinidad announced a first fatality, Guyana had a fatality also earlier. KF kairosfocus
Kairosfocus: World9meters.info says Montserrat is up to five active cases. What's it like there? JVL
Tucker Carlson: Why are media pundits trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq7UDA-Kgk8
Hydrochloroquine wars, 3: Belgium and Bahrain weigh in as UK PM Johnson tests positive and Dr Zelenko’s video vanishes kairosfocus

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