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(Off Topic) Science Lesson for Wesley Elsberry


Now I know why Wesley loses the plot on so very many things.

Here he says

I just use the regular Ikonboard facility for an “IP ban”. While the implementation could have been coded to simply restrict posting, maybe [David Scot] Springer’s report of no access at all to the bulletin board here is correct. In any case, the correct people to talk to about the behavior of the software when a banned IP connects are the Ikonboard programmers at Jarvis Entertainment Group. Of course, ownership transfers have since taken place, and I’m not sure that there is a good suggestion service for the iB software now.

Observation: I banned Springer’s IP address and Springer claims he can’t read the forum.

Hypothesis: Maybe Springer is telling the truth.

Prediction: The programmers at Jarvis might know.

Test: I can’t be troubled with asking them myself. Now leave me alone.


Hey Wesley, ban someone’s IP address that you trust. That rules out your own IP address of course.

Then ask them if they can read the forum.

It isn’t rocket science, Wesley. Figuring out ways to test our hypotheses, especially dead simple ones like this, are second nature to the scientific mind.

Good Lord Almighty. What a bird brain. And this guy is a leader of the anti-ID crowd? No wonder they have to rely on judges to rule on what is and isn’t science. “Scientists” like Wesley sure can’t make the call.

Lest someone accuse me of picking on a computer illiterate Wesley’s CV lists a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a ton of work in the field. What a joke. He wouldn’t have made it through the first ten minutes of an interview for a programming position at Dell with reasoning skills like that.

Wesley Elsberry or Esley Welsberry as I used to call him, the proprietor of Panda's Pathetic Pollex, that Alamo of neoDarwinism, reminds me of Harry Truman's characterization of Harold Ickes I believe it was. "He is a living miracle with neither brains nor guts." How do you like them strawberries Welsberry? John Davison

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