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Books of interest: “Without God, we would be nothing more than evolved slime fighting for survival”

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From Daniel Mallock at New English Review, a review of The Little Book of God, Mind, Cosmos and Truth by Kenneth Francis:

The problem of meaning and values is a central issue. Regarding the philosopher Nietzsche and his famous assertion that “God is dead,” Mr. Francis writes that this concept “… gave great comfort to psychopaths and those seeking moral autonomy. In other words, everything is permitted if God does not exist.”

The issue of meaning is one of the central issues of religion and of philosophy, too. If there is no God, then humanity itself and everything that we do is an accident—a galactic happenstance—that shatters human attempts to ascribe meaning and value to thoughts, actions, feelings, and to life itself. Mr. Francis colorfully describes the absence of God in this way: “Without God, we would be nothing more than evolved slime fighting for survival amongst a multitude of advanced apes dressed in skirts and suits with delusions of intellectual grandeur.”More.

Yes, and it is actually worse than that. In a meaningless universe, science has no defense against the advance of postmodernism. = Algebra is racist and all that.

Theism functions for science as a guarantor that some things could actually be true. Which means that algebra is true and therefore by definition not racist. People choose to spend time studying what they think will benefit them.

(Sometimes, one wants to shout back: Well, if those dead white males were so wrong, why are they still in charge after all this time? Their weapons aren’t secret, but 0ne must invest time and effort to learn how to use them.)

See also: Nature: Stuck with a battle it dare not fight, even for the soul of science. Excuse me guys but, as in so many looming strategic disasters, the guns are facing the wrong way.

There are three reasons I am theist: *1. Existence. (Why does anything at all exist?) *2. Meaning and purpose. (Is there any meaning and purpose as to why anything exists?) *3. Moral obligation. Atheistic naturalism/materialism (or any other world view for that matter) provides no ultimate explanation for our existence, no ultimate explanation for purpose and meaning and absolutely no basis for interpersonal moral obligation-- which is essential for grounding universal human rights. john_a_designer
Hating dead white men as a group (and their descendants)...is racist. Racism is never cured by more racism. Hate is never cured by more hate. Both will always exist...in this world anyway. Sorry, a/mats. Your utopian delusions are...well, delusions. And you are part of the problem. Truth Will Set You Free
Being moral without God is actually quite refreshing,
And also very subjective. Your morality comes from all the religious peoples. Without which humans would just be another animal. ET
rvb8, Your criticism of religion is spot on. Unfortunately, the God of the universe is tapping you on the shoulder and wants to talk to you personally. Latemarch
Being moral without God is actually quite refreshing, it is morality with God/Religion (which religion? Please, someone be honest, and don't lie; Which religion?), that is enervating. My whole family is Catholic, and I like to think they are very moral. Thy know me and my atheism, and likewise feel me to be moral; what's the problem? Go to any prison in the world and I guarantee the vast number of prisoners are religious, of some flavour. Perhaps the better question is; "Why, given religion's claims, are so many religious people not moral; positively inhuman, and in jail?" You know? The homosexual pastor screaming biggotry to his flock, as he snorts cocaine off the belly of a teenage boy; 'morality? Heh:) rvb8

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