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Trust the science? Covid mask mandates were sciencey rubbish, it turns out


From the Cochrane Library database of science studies:

Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of laboratory confirmed influenza/SARS CoV 2 compared to not wearing masks (RR 1.01, 95% CI 0.72 to 1.42; 6 trials, 13,919 participants; moderate certainty evidence). Harms were rarely measured and poorly reported (very low certainty evidence).

These findings go to the heart of the case for mask mandates, a policy that generated much resentment and acrimony during the pandemic. They also show that the CDC, which has repeatedly exaggerated the evidence in favor of masks, cannot be trusted as a source of public health information.

In September 2020, then‒CDC Director Robert Redfield described masks as “the most important, powerful public health tool we have.” He claimed masks provided more protection against COVID-19 than vaccines would. Reason

We live in strange times. It would be good to be “pro-science” except that, so often now, it means being “pro-nonsense.” And how can that change?

The only answer many Canadians could think of was:

Convoy. Convoy. Convoy.

We wish science could be a source of truthful information again.

Another review of the Cochrane study.
This Study Could Be 'Scientific Nail in the Coffin' for Masks
https://freebeacon.com/coronavirus/this-study-could-be-scientific-nail-in-the-coffin-for-masks/ Points out the disingenuous of the left as they try to hide the truth.
As of this writing, no major media outlets have covered the Cochrane review. It's a sharp contrast to the reception of other, more pro-mask studies, which were the subject of glowing write-ups in the New York Times, the Atlantic, and the Washington Post.
This is behind a pay wall but here’s a quote
I’m pro-science. That’s why I’m anti-mask What seems clear is that the enthusiastic, religious devotion to the dogma — “masks work” — signified adherence to a set of beliefs: I mask therefore I am good. I mask my children therefore I am loyal to the Democratic Party and public health diktats. I mask therefore I care. I am a loyal follower of “the Science.” My faith is unwavering. Those who claim to be on the side of “the Science” will continue to push unscientific policies in order to prove that they were right all along. This is the sunk cost fallacy writ large. Don’t admit mistakes. Ignore the actual science in favor of “the Science.” And continue to punish those who challenge. As well as those most vulnerable who simply aren’t in a position to challenge at all. “Science” has apparently been rebranded by the left. It is now a slogan — a tagline — shouted at heretics to signify one’s moral superiority and loyalty to the party. What we have now is “science” that ignores the scientific method, which means “the science” is a cult. And a dangerous one at that
https://thespectator.com/topic/pro-science-anti-mask-cochrane-covid/ Another article about Norfolk group.
Now, nearly three years later, a coalition of medical professionals is demanding government officials answer for their actions. In a new 80-page report, the Norfolk Group, which is comprised of figures such as Drs. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, lays out a blueprint “containing key public health questions” for a possible congressional “COVID-19 commission.” Throughout the document, the authors raise valid concerns and queries about the U.S. government’s and the medical industry’s handling of the Covid pandemic, in an effort to make sure that such destructive maladministration never happens again.
https://thefederalist.com/2023/02/09/top-10-questions-a-covid-commission-should-probe-about-the-united-states-pandemic-response/ Is this really about control? Are fake news, suppression of free speech and public health dictates three ways to do so? jerry
More analysis of what went wrong
QUESTIONS FOR A COVID-19 COMMISSION Introduction EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this document we list specific questions on specific topics related to COVID-19 pandemic responses in the United States. We believe these questions are vital for the nation to ask the White House, the CDC, the FDA, and other government officials, as well as state health departments, scientists, and the media. The public deserves answers to these questions so we can learn from our mistakes.
https://www.norfolkgroup.org/ https://www.norfolkgroup.org/executive-summary Justin Hart on the Cochrane mask study https://twitter.com/justin_hart/status/1622090687150985216 https://twitter.com/justin_hart/status/1622090687150985216/photo/1
Why did we fail to protect those MOST at risk? Chapter 1 of the Articles of Inquiry asks the most important questions Justin Hart Feb 9 A) Long-Term Care Facilities B) Older People Living Outside of Residential Facilities C) High-Risk People in the Workforce D) Multi-Generational Homes E) Information Exchange
https://covidreason.substack.com/p/why-did-we-fail-to-protect-those jerry
Gummi Bear, Yes... uh... of course. A totally non-credible source if I ever saw one. relatd
From Gummi Bear
Covid-19 is over Congratulations, you survived the pandemic! I think it’s time to move on to other stuff Holding onto Covid is going to be detrimental to your mental health
We were joking on the cruise I just finished that those who wear masks were self identifying as mentally ill. About 5% of the people would wear masks everywhere. They would dutifully take them off while eating because everyone knows there are no germs when sitting at a dining table. Even the high stool tables. https://twitter.com/gummibear737/status/1623456679118655489
The CDC’s pre-Covid pandemic plan shows they knew masks neither worked nor were appropriate for large scale use Notice at the end they say “any mask must be disposed of if it becomes moist” We’ve had children wearing moist masks for years now
https://twitter.com/gummibear737/status/1621299996388728834 Someone pointed out at the beginning of the pandemic that every time we breathed into the mask, we were adding to the concentration of germs in the mask (bacteria and viruses) and soon that concentration would fill the air around the person. The exhaled air has to go somewhere and eventually it just takes with it part of this ever increasing concentrated germ pool. jerry
So, CatGirl Kulak ?? (Anarchonomicon) is credible? Anarchist? Does anyone know what a Kulak is? I'd rather not believe Anarchist-Communist types. relatd
https://chicago.suntimes.com/columnists/2023/2/8/23591132/cdc-exaggerated-evidence-supporting-mask-mandates-column-jacob-sullum Vivid vividbleau
Denyse, The law that nullified the US Constitution. The origin of wokeness? https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1623859736629198848.html Also the origin of “shouting fire in a crowded theater” is from a Supreme Court case on free speech a hundred years ago. It is another way to curb freedom. Relates to the thread in link above as to who determines what is free speech. https://jonathanturley.org/2023/02/09/free-speech-for-whom-former-twitter-executive-makes-chilling-admission-on-the-nuanced-standard-used-for-censorship/ jerry
News at 12, Oh pleeez... "The Covid-19 pandemic has been the ultimate test of America’s vastly disparate levels of resilience." Baloney or to put it another way - baloney. Get this book: How to Survive an Atomic Bomb by Richard Gerstell, Consultant, Civil Defense Office, 1950. Then imagine living from the late 1950 to the early 1990s under constant threat of Soviet ICBM attack. I was there. I had a great time. ---------------------- You ship water? In Canada?!? relatd
Denyse, Thanks for the article. jerry
Here's a look at what the COVID overreaction did to various US states: https://www.city-journal.org/the-post-covid-states-of-america Here in Canada, we are still dealing with regressive panic legislation and ongoing court cases from that period but not so far shipping water. News
News@8, I do live where you live. At the beginning of the pandemic there was an odd assortment of masks being worn. Largely because of a scarcity of masks available to the public. And, yes, there were some stupid idiots wearing Halloween masks or underwear on their heads, but these were very few and far between. This being said, even the ridiculous parodies of masks that a few people wore would be better than no mask at reducing the spread viruses. If this weren’t the case, why to people sneeze into their elbows? Ford Prefect
FP at 9, Please stop giving out medical advice, OK? Doctors or nurses should be consulted by phone or in person. The so-called "online community" too often sounds like the garbage you might hear at the local bar. Benny the Drunk handing out "good" advice? Not likely. I've spent the last 20 years as a moderator on my company's forum, and I scan the so-called "online community" for chatter about my company. What a mess. I saw lies, assumptions and more lies posted online than what I thought was there. I would recommend lawsuits against some of these people but it would not be worth the effort in most cases. They are beyond stupid. If there were laws against this level of stupidity and all-around bad thinking skills, the majority would be locked up right now - and off the internet. relatd
Relatd writes:
Whoa, wait a minute. E v e r y b o d y opposed were self-absorbed and selfish?
I apologize. I stand corrected. They are either self-absorbed, selfish individuals who care nothing about other people or they are profoundly ignorant. I assume that you cover your mouth when you sneeze and you wash your hands after using the bathroom. Neither of these acts have any impact on whether or not you become infected. You do them to protect other people. The same applies to mask wearing during the peaks of the pandemic. Ford Prefect
Anyone familiar with the mask mandates where I live will recall people stumbling around shopping plazas in pig masks, Dracula masks, holdup man bandanas over the lower face, tattered blue masks that obviously had not been replaced in a week... If the actual gear in use - the way it was used - really prevented any viral or other airborne disease, that would certainly upend centuries of science. Those who believe they stand "For Science!" are doing the disciplines they love no favours by rushing to defend an indefensible panic. The Twitter files dump has certainly been informative about that... I expect we'll hear even more going forward. Note: People who wish to wear face coverings in public should be free to do so. For that matter, people who wish to wear bunny rabbit suits in public should be free to do so. But making everyone go along is a different matter. If I hated science, I would encourage more, and still more, of just that sort of thing. News
Whoa, wait a minute. E v e r y b o d y opposed were self-absorbed and selfish? Cut the crap, OK? I am sick and tired of Joe Nobody on the internet accusing EVERYONE - in the world - of something. You actually KNOW NOTHING, as in Nothing. To others reading. Do you need medical advice? Ask your doctor. Get your medical advice from your doctor. Not Joe Nobody online. relatd
The experts were never saying that wearing a mask would prevent you from getting infected. Their primary purpose in the communal setting was to reduce the incidents of transmission from an infected person to a non-infected person. The same as covering your mouth when you sneeze and washing your hands after using the bathroom. Those who opposed mask requirements were just self-absorbed, selfish individuals who care nothing about other people. Ford Prefect
It's not that people can't perceive legit reasons to suspect their governments are corrupt, it's that they don't care. They've given over their judgement to cookie-cut alphabet soupers on their screens, and that's OK with them. It's what everyone else who's smart is doing, right? lol Andrew asauber
A review of the study
A Scientific Review Shows the CDC Grossly Exaggerated the Evidence Supporting Mask Mandates
https://reason.com/2023/02/08/a-scientific-review-shows-the-cdc-grossly-exaggerated-the-evidence-supporting-mask-mandates/ The real tragedy of this pandemic is the catering to drug companies with obviously specious solutions because of money. This site was great early on for inexpensive effective solutions to viral infections. Here is one of the many threads. https://uncommondescent.com/ud-newswatch-highlights/breaking-president-trump-mrs-trump-ms-hicks-are-positive-for-cv-19/#comment-770815 Aside: An example of how corrupt the government was during the last three years is in their myriad list of recommendations and non recommendations. Where is the CDC recommendation on Vitamin D?     Follow the money. jerry
Without filters and tight closure against the face, which includes protection for eyes, the masks stop nothing they claim. Airborne viruses can enter through the mouth, nose, and eyes. People wearing masks were getting Covid, because the masks weren't designed to stop anything. They actually contribute to getting things from just how nasty they get when not disposed of in proper bio-hazard containers. BobRyan
Oh yeah. Let's park a bunch of trucks in Canada, which will change absolutely nothing. Some may think that certain health measures were "invented" during the so-called pandemic. Not so. I had spent years working in hospital and I was shown how to deal with patients in quarantine. The primary item: face mask. Due to my close proximity to the patient, I had to put on a paper garment that covered my upper and lower body, and gloves. When I left the patient's room, everything was discarded in a special container. This was followed by hand washing. So, what was and still is the big deal about face coverings? I still wear one when going into stores and the gas station. Why? I'm not going to breathe the same air as total strangers and some of them have driven to my area from the opposite side of the country. The Media did a very, very poor job of actually INFORMING the public. I watched as they did everything in their power to scare the heck out of people. That's irresponsible and wrong. Tell people what to do. It got to the point where I stopped watching the news since I knew what I had to do. So I disagree with the above because of my experience. relatd
Covid Mask Mandates Were Sciencey Rubbish, It Turns Out
First line from the authors’ conclusion:
The high risk of bias in the trials, variation in outcome measurement, and relatively low adherence with the interventions during the studies hampers drawing firm conclusions.
Are you sure you were reading the same paper? Or were you just hoping that people wouldn’t bother to read the actual paper? Ford Prefect

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