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Adam Frank

Astrophysicist: The Big Bang says nothing about how the cosmos came to be

Has Frank just given away the store to theists? The situation is exactly what we would expect if the cosmos is designed by a supernatural intelligence. We can learn how it works but the inventor exists and works at a higher level. We get only scattered, partial insights as to that. Read More ›

At Big Think: How reality is shaped by the speed of light

Adam Frank writes: KEY TAKEAWAYS When you look at a picture of a galaxy that is 75 million light-years away, you are seeing that galaxy at a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.  Distance translates into time because the speed of light is finite.   What you perceive as “now” is really layer after layer of light reaching your eye from many different moments in the past. Light from the time of the dinosaurs When you look at a picture of a galaxy that is 75 million light-years away, you are not seeing it as it is right now, but as it was when that light you are seeing left it 75 million years ago. That means you are seeing that galaxy Read More ›

Can the Higgs boson give believers their multiverse? Shot and chaser

The obvious difficulty is that the multiverse drags in inconceivable complexity in order to solve comparatively common, minor issues of the sort that science always faces. People don’t think of that approach as a solution unless they have a vested philosophical and emotional interest in the idea. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Why some think emergence is replacing materialism in science

Frank argues that evolution is the creative force that does all this (including evolving new laws?) But it’s not clear that what he means by “evolution” is the garden variety change in life forms over time. To the extent that emergence marches with panpsychism, it probably is catching on. That means we may see ourselves in different kinds of philosophy of science arguments over evolution. Read More ›

Astrophysicist Adam Frank: Materialism is on shaky ground

Frank is an expert on the final stages of evolution of stars like the sun. His computational research group has developed advanced supercomputer tools in order to study how stars form and die. So he would incline to a materialist view, surely? But no, he says, quantum physics blew all that away. And some neuroscientists just haven’t caught up. Read More ›