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Cornelius Hunter

Claim: Intelligent design theory is a science stopper

Cornelius Hunter takes it on. Incidentally, the fact that this promissory materialism, for which Darwinism is the origin story, is all hype and no hope never means anything. A fresh batch of media will bring up the same worn themes. And it's as close to science as large numbers of educated mediocrities ever want to get. Read More ›

Darwinian evolution and apparently suboptimal design

Cornelius Hunter points out that the most powerful arguments for schoolbook Darwinism are theological in character: What God wouldn’t do, etc. And they also apply only to alternative viewpoints, not to core Darwinism itself. Read More ›

Cornelius Hunter now has a YouTube channel, Darwin’s God

Hunter: Not only is there is no compelling scientific explanation for how the genetic code could have evolved, there also are significant problems with the theory. Read More ›

Design Disquisitions: Quote of the Month-Cornelius Hunter on the Unfalsifiability of Evolution

This month’s quote is by Cornelius Hunter, followed by a few brief thoughts on falsifiability in science. Let me know what you think: Quote of the Month: Cornelius Hunter on the Unfalsifiability of Evolution