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At Mind Matters News: Abduction: A thinking skill you can do but computers can’t

Fahsing point outs that criminal investigations are generally abductive rather than deductive. “Try to eliminate as many explanations or lines of inquiry as you can. Just like in science, theories can be truly tested only through falsification.” Read More ›

Laszlo Bencze on the claim that falsifiability in science is a “myth”

Bencze: Multiverse theory has no falsifiers. It excludes nothing. No potential fact of existence can falsify it. By contrast Relativity has plenty of falsifiers: Something exceeding the speed of light,… Read More ›

Falsifiability is overrated, some cosmologists say

The article doesn’t explain what the “fine-tuning problem” means. It means that the universe shows evidence of design. No one has been able to explain that away. However, if basic thinking in science is jerked around enough, maybe ideas that don’t work can be offered social promotions and sit right alongside demonstrated ones. Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder on the flight from falsifiability

Hossenfelder is right to be concerned. Some cosmologists would like to dump falsifiability as a criterion. If they could, they would remove an obstacle to demanding public belief in ideas like the multiverse, ideas that cannot be falsified because there is no evidence for them. Read More ›

A biophysicist looks at the limits of what science can tell us

Kirk Durston: An essential prediction of the Darwinian theory of common descent, for example, is that functional genetic information increases through a process of mutations, insertions, and deletions. Experimental science, however, consistently falsifies this prediction. Read More ›

Raining carrots: Falsifiability does not, by itself, make for good science

In short, she is saying, the universe wasn’t supposed to be like this and that’s the basis for the current crisis in cosmology. One can always invent “falsifiable” theories but their falsifiability is not in itself a virtue; it is simply the basis for them being theories in science at all. The question of whether they should be pursued or funded is a quite different one. Read More ›

Design Disquisitions: Quote of the Month-Cornelius Hunter on the Unfalsifiability of Evolution

This month’s quote is by Cornelius Hunter, followed by a few brief thoughts on falsifiability in science. Let me know what you think: Quote of the Month: Cornelius Hunter on the Unfalsifiability of Evolution