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Startling admission about the science (i.e., non-science) basis for the multiverse

From Ethan Siegel at Forbes: So why do so many theoretical physicists write papers about the multiverse? About parallel Universes and their connection to our own through this multiverse? Why do they claim that the multiverse is connected to the string landscape, the cosmological constant, and even to the fact that our Universe is finely-tuned […]

Exoplanets Extraterrestrial life Intelligent Design

At Forbes: Maybe fine-tuning doesn’t matter as much as some claim. Many planets might support life…

From Ethan Siegel at Forbes: Based on everything we know, it seems like the conditions that make life possible are a lot more diverse and flexible than most people would expect. … Take Earth’s large moon, for example. The gravitational forces from it keep our planet rotating on the same axis over time. Our present […]