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Physicists: Life forms could flourish in the interior of stars

This would seem to be string theory’s contribution to biology: At a time when we haven’t yet located fossil bacteria on Mars (of which there is at least a plausible hope), we are asked to accept that there might be formations within stars that we would not identify as life but really are. String theory is then about as fruitful in biology as it is in cosmology.

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Has a way been found to test string theory? Rob Sheldon responds

Sheldon: “This article explains precisely why thousands of theoretical physicists have not made any progress in 40 years. One hopelessly ad hoc and unsupported theory (inflation) conflicts with another hopelessly unphysical theory (string theory) and then others purport to resolve the difficulty by resorting to highly questionable phenomena (gravity waves).

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If quantum mechanics were a researcher, she’d be fired

And have to leave academic science. Factually correct answers do not matter now if they are not politically correct. In a review of Adam Becker’s What Is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics (Basic Books, 2018), mathematician and physicist Sheldon Lee Glashow tells us No one can doubt that quantum mechanics is Read More…

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Cosmologist: String theory is incompatible with dark energy

Rob Sheldon mentioned a story going the rounds earlier today, about whether dark energy was “even allowed.” Here’s the story, from ScienceDaily: In string theory, a paradigm shift could be imminent. In June, a team of string theorists from Harvard and Caltech published a conjecture which sounded revolutionary: String theory is said to be fundamentally Read More…

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Black holes do not behave as string theorists say they should

Sabine Hossenfelder, author of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray, explains, Three weeks ago, Steinhauer’s group reported results from a new experiment in which they have now measured the temperature of the fluid black hole: Observation of thermal Hawking radiation at the Hawking temperature in an analogue black hole Juan Ramón Muñoz de Nova, Katrine Read More…

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Researchers: Either dark energy or string theory is wrong. Or both are.

Dark energy. Even the name is intriguing. Isn’t it a line of cosmetics already? But the evidence base is getting murkier all the time. The conjecture, if true, would mean the density of dark energy in our universe cannot be constant, but must instead take a form called “quintessence” — an energy source that will Read More…