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Francis Collins

Ultra-In mag New Yorker: “For our nation and our species, the future depends” on Francis Collins’s success…

One way of looking at it: In light of the appalling treatment of infants under Collins’s regime, he is just the sort of individual that the New Yorker would want to represent evangelical Christians — or any other group that its staff despise. Read More ›

Did Francis Collins or Anthony Fauci have any role in the slow torture death of beagle puppies in Tunisia?

As now alleged? Some US legislators want answers. We’ve been warning for some time that “Trust the Science” is going to take a huge — and well-deserved — beating among intelligent people. This’ll help that along. Read More ›

Francis Collins finally awarded the Templeton Prize

He was always very much their sort of guy; one wonders what took them so long. It seems as though Templeton is returning to an earlier approach here. Collins is definitely a God Squad type, having held the right positions. There was a middle period when some of their awards gave pause for thought Read More ›