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Fred Reed

Darwin’s vigilantes: Fred Reed on why Darwinism persists

He had promised, he says, not to touch the subject again but… Looking back on what’s happened (and hasn’t happened) in the last fifteen years: A prime example is Richard Sternberg, a Ph.D. in biology (Molecular Evolution) from Florida International University and a Ph.D. in Systems Science (Theoretical Biology) from Binghamton University. He is not a lightweight. From 2001-2007 he was staff scientist at the National Center for Biotechnology Information; 2001-2007 a Research Associate at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Hell broke loose when he authorized in 2004 the publication, in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, an organ of the Smithsonian Institution, of a peer-reviewed article, The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher taxonomic Read More ›

About the universe, the ID guys were right all along?

From science fiction writer Vox Day at Vox Popoli, responding to Fred Reed, Fred has landed on precisely the aspect of evolutionary theory that made me into a strong TE(p)NSBMGDaGF skeptic. What many people who have not thought seriously about the issue don’t realize is that biologists are literally so stupid, and so innumerate, and so illogical, that they don’t understand the problems that quantification creates for their many unfounded assumptions. We will pass over the further things that Mr. Day has to say about biologists as “confused” and “least intelligent of the STEM field graduates,” as you can read that for yourself at his blog. But then: For example, it is particularly amusing to note that I have encountered Read More ›

Is the evolution debate becoming “much more civil and thoughtful”?

From Fred Reed, an “evolution skeptic” at UNZ: Recently I wrote a column about the theory of Intelligent Design, which holds that that life, both in its origins and its changes over time, are the result of design instead of chance. Several hundred comments and emails arrived, more than I could read. This was not surprising as there seems to be considerable public interest in the question, while a virulent political correctness prevents discussion in most forums. In particular the major media prevent mention of Intelligent Design except in derogatory terms. Interesting to me at any rate was that the tone of response was much more civil and thoughtful than it was say, a decade ago. That may partly be Read More ›