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Vox Day

Commentator Vox Day has some harsh words for E.O’ Wilson’s detractors at Scientific American

The thing is, when Wilson was alive, Darwinians denied the racism or insisted it was irrelevant and that Darwin’s sacred cause was to oppose slavery, yada yada … Read More ›

Science fiction writer Vox Day on the “darkstream descent” of Darwin’s theory of evolution

He offers seven reasons for rational dissent and doubt: 1. The evidence doesn’t exist. 2. The historical timelines that purportedly support it are constantly mutating. 3. The theory is a complete failure as a predictive model. 4. The theory is scientifically and technologically irrelevant. There are no evolutionary engineers. 5. Theoretical epicycles are increasingly required to maintain its viability. 6. The theory is a repeated failure as an explanatory model. 7. There is a very long track record of scientific fraud surrounding it. Vox Day, “Dark stream: The descent of TENS” at Vox Popoli He offers a vid to back up these statements: Hat tip: Ken Francis See also: Science fiction writer is not a Darwin fan Vox Day: Notice Read More ›

About the universe, the ID guys were right all along?

From science fiction writer Vox Day at Vox Popoli, responding to Fred Reed, Fred has landed on precisely the aspect of evolutionary theory that made me into a strong TE(p)NSBMGDaGF skeptic. What many people who have not thought seriously about the issue don’t realize is that biologists are literally so stupid, and so innumerate, and so illogical, that they don’t understand the problems that quantification creates for their many unfounded assumptions. We will pass over the further things that Mr. Day has to say about biologists as “confused” and “least intelligent of the STEM field graduates,” as you can read that for yourself at his blog. But then: For example, it is particularly amusing to note that I have encountered Read More ›