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Freedom convoys

We’re not your lab rats any more: Convoy update IV

As of March 13, 2022, this page will not be updated. The issues re COVID-19 have now moved to the stage where only serious enquiries into the costly Crazy will be any use. Meanwhile, we leave you with this thought: Now, as we move forward (or not), a final message: Maybe you didn’t care when ID proponents lost their jobs for not fronting Darwin. After all, you didn’t think it would spread. But it does. The COVID Crazy is what happens when “science” becomes a placeholder for a variety of wants and fears, power grabs and pursuit of profits. Now that you had to live with it – and should justifiably fear the next Crazy coming down the pike – Read More ›

We’re not your lab rats any more: Convoy update III

So much news worldwide now. I’ll just keep adding to it, putting new items at the top so you can keep checking back. I will try to group them loosely by topic where possible. This post is stickied for now so news news added on other topics is below this post. Read More ›