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Günter Bechly

At Evolution News: Günter Bechly repudiates “Professor Dave’s” attacks against ID

Bechly: In the end, Farina’s potshots against intelligent design and Discovery Institute completely miss their targets. “Professor Dave” needs to do more than recycle past discredited claims if he wants to be taken seriously by anyone genuinely interested in pursuing the truth. Read More ›

Gunter Bechly on the discontinuous fossil record

Bechly: “Darwin’s doubt” did not get smaller over time but bigger, and if he were still alive, he would likely agree that the evidence simply does not add up, since he was much more prudent than many of his modern followers. Read More ›

ID theorists publish new paper in Journal of Theoretical Biology

We hope the journal isn’t intimidated by Darwin’s Outrage Machine, Inc. Just think, some people are now allowed to bring this up. And not just as an inhouse titter, followed promptly by dismissal of the question. Read More ›

Günter Bechly: Paper says Cambrian Explosion took only 410,000 years

From the paper's media release: Moreover, the scientists' data series reveal that the development of the fauna took place within a very short period. The transition from the "Ediacara biota" – multi-celled but very simply organisms – to the diverse Cambrian life forms occurred over less than 410,000 years. Read More ›

Günter Bechly: Ediacarans are not animals

From Part II of the “Precambrian House of Cards”: Even Evans et al. (2021) themselves admit that “phylogenetic affinities for most of the Ediacara Biota remain enigmatic” and say that “Many Ediacara taxa may represent stem lineages of animal phyla but their diagnostic characters either were not preserved or had not yet evolved.” Hear, hear. Günter Bechly, “Ediacarans Are Not Animals” at Mind Matters News The rest of Gunter Bechly’s series is here. Maybe back then it just wasn’t as clear.