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Ann Gauger

New Video Presentation on YouTube: Intelligent Design & Scientific Conservatism

I have recently posted a new video on my Intelligent Design YouTube channel. In this video I discuss several areas in the philosophy of science and modern evolutionary biology, and their relationship to ID. These thoughts were prompted initially by an interesting paper by philosopher of science Jeffrey Koperski ‘Two Bad Ways to Attack Intelligent Design, and Two Good Ones’. Koperski thinks that one good way to critique ID is to point out that it violates principles like ‘scientific conservatism’. Because there are several potential naturalistic mechanisms on the table, even if orthodox neo-Darwinism fails, ID is an unnecessary proposal. To turn to design explanations would be to adjust our theories too drastically. I argue against this claim, concluding that Read More ›

ID theorists publish new paper in Journal of Theoretical Biology

We hope the journal isn’t intimidated by Darwin’s Outrage Machine, Inc. Just think, some people are now allowed to bring this up. And not just as an inhouse titter, followed promptly by dismissal of the question. Read More ›

Linnean Society is sponsoring a meeting on teleonomy in living systems 28th – 29th June 2021

Linneans: "Although it is now widely accepted that living systems exhibit an internal teleology, or teleonomy, the full implications of this distinctive biological property have yet to be explored." Are the Linneans trying to come to grips with design in nature within a framework they can handle? Read More ›

The Case of Biologos and the Disappearing Documents

Maybe we should put J.Warner Wallace on this one. What happened to these documents at the BioLogos Theistic evolution site? Their grand Search for Truth seems to include finding and deleting documents without explanation. Read More ›

Ann Gauger talks about Adam and Eve with World editor Marvin Olasky

Editor in chief of WORLD News Group Marvin Olasky interviews Biologic Institute’s interviews Ann Gauger, Olasky: I used to work at DuPont, the inventor in the 1930s of nylon—and 40 years later scientists found a bacterium with an enzyme dubbed nylonase that was able to digest nylon, which is a synthetic chemical not found in nature. Evolutionists use that as proof that new proteins can rapidly evolve, but you found a different story. Gauger: It wasn’t what we call a frameshift mutation, a DNA deletion or insertion that shifts the whole way a sequence is read. I discovered a whole body of literature by some Japanese workers who had found pre-existing protein folds. There was no new protein, no novel Read More ›