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immune system

At Science Daily: Bacteria and humans have similar defenses against viruses

Any life form needs a strategy for dealing with viruses. Humans, bacteria, and perhaps countless other life forms may have hit on the same one - convergent evolution Read More ›

Researchers: Human immune system does not “recognize” deep sea microbes

They might be useful, as the researchers say. But now that they are starting to work with them, we’d better hope that none of them turn on us, for lack of something more familiar to them that they can infect. Read More ›

Only some cells have “licences” to kill? Let’s look at what that means

The crux we now face: If there is so much intelligent organization in nature that a body resembles a state with a complex government, if there is no design, consciousness itself must also be an evolved illusion., That is a view that many quietly hold. But then science has no defence against the raging Woke, demanding that their grievances be science. There is no way to escape the dilemma: design or chaos Read More ›

Researchers: How the immune system “thinks”

They can say that “thinks” is “just an image” if they like. But at what point does it become clear that somehow something must have been doing something that we would normally describe as thinking or else this wouldn’t be happening. Read More ›

Common coral species features unique immune strategy

From ScienceDaily: Roughly 30 percent of the cauliflower coral’s (Pocillopora damicornis) genome was unique compared to several other reef-building corals. In this 30%, many of these genes were related to immune function. This diversity of genes related to immune function, the researchers say, may be important for the long-term survival of coral reefs as climate change and ocean acidification continue to alter the environment to which corals are adapted. “This coral is traditionally thought of as a weed, and yet it may be one of the last corals to survive environmental changes such as climate change,” said senior author of the study Nikki Traylor-Knowles, an assistant professor of marine biology and ecology at the UM Rosenstiel School. An animal like Read More ›

Newly discovered tiny tunnels run from skull to brain

They may be a shortcut for the immune system. From ScienceDaily: “We always thought that immune cells from our arms and legs traveled via blood to damaged brain tissue. These findings suggest that immune cells may instead be taking a shortcut to rapidly arrive at areas of inflammation,” said Francesca Bosetti, Ph.D., program director at the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), which provided funding for the study. “Inflammation plays a critical role in many brain disorders and it is possible that the newly described channels may be important in a number of conditions. The discovery of these channels opens up many new avenues of research.” Paper. (paywall) – Fanny Herisson, Vanessa Frodermann, Gabriel Courties, David Rohde, Yuan Read More ›