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J. Warner Wallace

Cold Case Detective J. Warner Wallace on the “God of the Gaps”

Essentially, as Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace, the retired Los Angeles Police Detective who specialized in solving murder cases that had remained unsolved for year, explains, particular evidence requires certain characteristics in order to have explanatory power. Read More ›

A homicide detective looks at ID and God’s crime scene

Bridge Radio podcast: J. Warner Wallace joins BRIDGE Radio again to continue the discussion of his book “God’s Crime Scene.” We talked about irreducible complexity and eight characteristics of design that points to an intelligent designer – God. (51:34 min) More on J. Warner Wallace: J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker and best-selling author. He continues to consult on cold-case investigations while serving as a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is also an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University and a faculty member at Summit Ministries. … J. Warner’s professional investigative work has received national recognition; his cases have been featured more than any other detective on NBC’s Dateline, Read More ›