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kin selection

Kin selection? The selfish gene? Researchers ponder why animals adopt other species’ orphans

Human exceptionalism is never more obvious than when humans are offering rational-sounding arguments against it. Read More ›

(Reformed) New Scientist 3: The Selfish Gene Is No Longer Cool

Readers may recall that New Scientist published an article three days ago on 13 ways we need to “rethink the theory of nature.” Their Number 3 rethink is … Move Over, Selfish Gene. It’s replaced not just by kin selection now but by cultural group selection. Most of the article is paywalled but here’s the gist of #3: But kin selection cannot explain why humans are so nice to strangers… Some researchers think the solution lies in an idea called cultural group selection. Forget shared genes, they argue: selection can favour cooperative groups if the people within them share enough culture. The idea is controversial because to work it requires that groups remain culturally distinct. As critics point out, people Read More ›

Science journalist confronts evolutionary theorist with hard questions at his book talk

es, in one phrase, Mazur, author of Darwin Overthrown: Hello Mechanobiology, captures the problem: “he doesn’t define it.” Much Darwinism today survives on the fumes of “evolution” in general. Read More ›