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Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Deepening crisis in particle physics — Rob Sheldon responds

But when theoretical physicists start messing with reductionism, they are messing with the core assumptions of the meaningless universe. Many attempts are in progress to revalidate those assumptions, of course but... Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder on the future of particle physics

Hossenfelder: The standard model works just fine with that number and it fits the data. But a small number like this, without explanation, is ugly and particle physicists didn’t want to believe nature could be that ugly. Read More ›

Physicists need courage to confront the Collider dilemma, says boson pioneer

Could the great age of particle physics be coming to an end? That is, not so much a crisis as the beginning of a long, slow decline? That happened to science in many former civilizations. There were high points and then somehow things slowed down. How would we know? Read More ›

Hope springs eternal: Are new particles hiding “in plain sight?”

The Large Hadron Collider just keeps confirming the Standard Model, almost as if there was some basis for believing it to be correct. Rob Sheldon thinks the current mood is desperation: If you don't know where you are going, you will certainly arrive. Information is finite, ignorance infinite. Read More ›

Hossenfelder: Now they are marketing non-discoveries as discoveries

If Hossenfelder means that it won’t work scientifically, she is correct. But “won’t work” can be construed in other ways. In the age of the multiverse and "ET’s gotta be out there," it is quite possible for something that is entirely without evidence to retain a place as science. Thus, it should easily be possible for non-discoveries to be marketed as discoveries. Read More ›

Should research funding agencies move resources away from particle physics to fighting climate change?

You know particle physics is in serious trouble when the idea of just putting the money into climate change instead gets serious face time. Read More ›

Experimental physicist: Particle theory is “in a crisis” and a bigger collider IS the answer!

So we should do it because we can, not because we really expect to learn very much? It may be that Dorigo is just not a good spokesperson for his position; he spends a good deal of time attacking Hossenfelder and her book. Anyway, somehow, naturalism (nature is all there is) isn’t providing the hoped-for return on investments. Read More ›

Will the Large Hadron Collider doom particle physics?

They’ll find the money to continue. Consider: The Standard Model begins with the hated Big Bang. Nothing that supports string theory, eternal cosmic inflation, or a multiverse has been found. Don’t many people just have to keep looking and keep quiet about what they find that wasn’t what they hoped for? Read More ›