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particle physics

CERN: New exotic particle, tetraquark, discovered

CERN: The new particle contains two charm quarks and an up and a down antiquark. Several tetraquarks have been discovered in recent years (including one with two charm quarks and two charm antiquarks), but this is the first one that contains two charm quarks, without charm antiquarks to balance them. Read More ›

Hossenfelder: Now they are marketing non-discoveries as discoveries

If Hossenfelder means that it won’t work scientifically, she is correct. But “won’t work” can be construed in other ways. In the age of the multiverse and "ET’s gotta be out there," it is quite possible for something that is entirely without evidence to retain a place as science. Thus, it should easily be possible for non-discoveries to be marketed as discoveries. Read More ›

Should research funding agencies move resources away from particle physics to fighting climate change?

You know particle physics is in serious trouble when the idea of just putting the money into climate change instead gets serious face time. Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder: Is science harmed by an illusion of progress?

Tellingly, Hossenfelder adds, “So here is the puzzle: Why can you not find any expert, besides me, willing to publicly voice criticism on particle physics? Hint: It’s not because there is nothing to criticize. ” Read More ›

Are we reaching fundamental limits on building large particle colliders?

Peter Woit doesn’t want to give up but he makes it clear that the options are narrow and expensive. Perhaps we are entering a period of decline when cosmology is about the multiverse rather than the Higgs boson. Read More ›

Particle physicist: Please quit calling the Higgs boson “the God particle”!

As a matter of fact, we don’t often hear the Higgs called the “God particle” now that it’s been clearly identified and given Peter Higgs’s name. That was more common before. It’s almost like something else is bothering Dorigo but we won’t speculate. Read More ›