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Lee Smolin

Molecular geneticist asks: “Does the existence of a multiverse hold the key for why nature’s laws seem so simple?”

Johnjoe McFadden's latest book is Life Is Simple (2021), in which he proposes that universes evolve in a Darwinian process, which “solves” the fine-tuning “problem”. One difference that we might note between this thesis and the sort of thing we read in biology journals is that there is evidence for the existence of countless life forms, whether or not their journey through time is explained by Darwinism. There is no evidence of any universe other than our own. Read More ›

Rob Sheldon: “It from bit” is winning the cosmology wars

Sheldon: Translating, Ethan is saying that the old 20th century materialism that says "entropy" or "information" emerges from the particles is being replaced by a 21st century view that "entropy" or "information" is fundamental and the material particles emerge from the immaterial field. Read More ›

Is space really “the final illusion”? Rob Sheldon comments

As far as I can tell, Smolin sees this as a Darwinian solution to The Multiverse Problem. I think I'd call it "The Multiphysics Solution". I suppose this falls under the dictum, "Fight fire with fire." My own estimation is "garbage in, garbage out." Read More ›