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quantum gravity

Sabine Hossenfelder on experiments that could prove Einstein wrong

Significantly, no experiment could prove Darwin wrong. But that’s not because he’s right; it’s because Darwinism has become a cultural way of seeing the world and, as such, isn’t usually testable. Read More ›

Rob Sheldon: “It from bit” is winning the cosmology wars

Sheldon: Translating, Ethan is saying that the old 20th century materialism that says "entropy" or "information" emerges from the particles is being replaced by a 21st century view that "entropy" or "information" is fundamental and the material particles emerge from the immaterial field. Read More ›

We don’t often hear space and time described as a quantum error-correcting code

But some argue, the same codes used to prevent errors in quantum computers might give space-time “its intrinsic robustness.” They certainly make it sound as though our universe is designed. Read More ›