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Tiny 99 mya bird (?) skull trapped in amber raises many questions

But get this: Benson goes on to explain that one of the “bizarre” features of Oculudentavis is qualities present in lizards but neither in birds nor in dinosaurs. It is smaller than most hummingbirds but had over a hundred teeth… The more research we do, one suspects, the more of this type of thing we'll find and the harder it would all be to explain to our old Darwinian schoolteacher. Read More ›

Researchers: Lizards on islands slow down evolution – the opposite of the usual claim

It would have been simpler to say that there is no consistent "island rule" but that would imply that current Darwinian theory does not have an answer for everything. Perhaps many island life forms don’t evolve very much or very fast but the ones that do attract attention. Read More ›