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The textbooks are wrong: Birds CAN smell

At Science: "Other bird species may also respond to “calls” from injured plants, recent evidence shows. Two European birds, the great tit and the blue tit, locate insects that are attacking pine trees by detecting the volatile chemicals the stressed trees release ... " Read More ›

Claims for random evolution overlook the fact that life needs software as well as hardware

Richard W. Stevens points out that a bird does not fly just because it has wings; it needs a Explanations of the evolution of flight do not account for that.“flight” program in its brain. Read More ›

Asked at The Conversation: Could dinosaurs re-evolve?

We are told no. But just a minute. According to the story, some dinos evolved into birds. If so, massive changes ARE possible. It’s not clear why changed circumstances could not cause some of those changes to be reversed. Read More ›

Tiny 99 mya bird (?) skull trapped in amber raises many questions

But get this: Benson goes on to explain that one of the “bizarre” features of Oculudentavis is qualities present in lizards but neither in birds nor in dinosaurs. It is smaller than most hummingbirds but had over a hundred teeth… The more research we do, one suspects, the more of this type of thing we'll find and the harder it would all be to explain to our old Darwinian schoolteacher. Read More ›

Michael Egnor: The bird does NOT do math

Egnor: Dr. Pepperberg could have been more forthright: Parrots can’t do statistics. No animal (except man) can do statistics, because statistical reasoning is abstract and only human beings are capable of abstract thought. Parrots think concretely—they think of particular things and relations between particular things, but they cannot think without particular things—they can’t think abstractly. Read More ›